My Ossien Ram wont train its necro/ss

It doesn't seem to be going up. It's been stuck at 17.0 ever since i got him.

Does it work like parrry, where you need to hit GM wrestling, to start going up?


  • Well, the GM wrestling is a flop... Hit GM Wrestling about 30 minutes ago, and he hasn't gained a single time.

    Some info would be great.
  • UrgeUrge Posts: 932
    Did you add another magic? I've seen people put double magic and the first added one wouldn't gain afterwards.
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,272Moderator
    I'm not sure what skills your pet has, but often when this problem is met it is because people fail to realise the fact that
    Selecting a new school of magic is not to be considered lightly, it will remove any innate magical ability the pet may have.

    The quote is from the page as is the bold type.

  • PawainPawain Posts: 6,965
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    That is a place holder.  They have necro and SS skills but you have to activate it.  Look on the lore screen.   They do not have necro yet.  But it is really cheap to put on since those skills are already "accounted for".

    This screen tells you what a Pet has:

    Rams start with Battle defense as a Magic ability.  When you put Necro on, they will lose Paralyze disarm and Battle defense.

    Battle Defense
    Trains the creature in the disarm and paralyze special moves. Also trains the creature in the Heightened Senses & Shield Bash mastery abilities.
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