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Not sure who to address this to.

I have 3 tamers on Oce, all of which probably have about at least 20 pets in various stages of being trained.  All are at the furthest level I can take them to and all are just waiting for scrolls.  ie, they are at 100% on the 5th level.  Given that all of them require a minimum of 8 120 scrolls this is gonna take YEARS before the pets are finished.

Until such time as I get them the 'Pet Training Gump' continually pops up over and over and over and over again.  Now on my 15" laptop screen that is the biggest pain in the proverbial. I am continuously dragging it out of the way, but no matter where I put it it s IN THE BLOODY WAY!

I know you allowed the button to permanently close the screen if people had a few points left and they weren't gonna be allocated but MOST of us are waiting on scrolls as I am. 

Is there any way possible to put in a 'don't show pet training gump' toggle somewhere so that we only need to have it open if we NEED it?

In actual fact why do we need this at all once the pet has got to 100%.  Sure we need the bit where we allocate points but this bit is never used again once you get it to this stage.

The button you gave to close it permanently removes all remaining training points which is no good if you are still waiting for scrolls.  But even that is on a different screen which you have to open manually on the lore gump.  The above gump should just disappear once you have reached the top 100% on a level 5 pet.  There is no more training to be done so why does the gump still need to be popping up?

Cheers MissE

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    It would be nice to be able to disable it some how. 
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    Because the devs did not consider that we would wait to put scrolls on?
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    Yeah, if you look at pets as weapons it makes sense why the devs did not think we would wait to finish off a pet. May have been a "toothpick warning" ie hey you still have points left to spend!!

    If you imbue a weapon, but not to its max, say mana leech, because you don't have the materials or can't afford them you still just finish that weapon. Just trying to understand the devs thought process on this.

    I hate the message also. Ended up just finishing most pets off because of the cost of scrolls would never be in my reach, and of course, the annoying message. 

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     :D I can picture weapons giving a huge message very time they swing. 
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
  • Said this a long time ago, I got hit with the 'it's not that bad, just drag it off somewhere'.  For someone who also has a large stable of pets with many still waiting for scrolls this becomes an incredible annoyance.  Lets face it 99.9% of pets are waiting for a 120 wrestle scroll, you know the ones you used to find lying around banks before pet training was introduced! :D

    Not only is the pop up box annoying but the constant spam of text above your pet telling you your pet has gained in skill even though it is at 100%.  The solution offered to this... Put your pet on ignore, now I have an ignore list full of pet names.

    Now the big question is, will you see the text that gives the indication that a pet is going to go wild if they are ignored?  I seem to recall messages like 'Your pet looks around nervously..'.  Now I have never had a pet go wild since bonding came about but could this be another reason people are losing pets, simply not seeing the warning messages?
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    Yes well as for 'just dragging it out the way'  that is fine if your playing with a PC and a huge monitor.  Wouldn't have a problem if I was still using a pc with my 24" monitor.  Not many places to drag it on a 15" laptop screen, especially as it is a gump that is not required for any purpose once you have leveled your pet to 5 slot.  There is no need to have this gump keep appearing at all, you only need the pet training options on the lore screen to still be active.  And that only appears when  you lore the pet and then click on it.

    Cheers MissE

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  • FortisFortis Posts: 410
    yes we dont need this trainning page pop on us
  • ActionEllyActionElly Posts: 156
    Agreed, and for me I'll move it to the right of my screen but it'll pop right back up in the middle blocking my view. It would be nice if it actually stayed where I put it!!

    I also wish that pets didn't even have to use PS, they should have introduced a different "PET SCROLL" not the same for player because I'll probably never ever see the scrolls I need since returning. ;)
  • TynkTynk Posts: 41
    at least in CC you can drag it most of the way of screen , but in ec it's terribad.

    But it does make sense it should take up so much screen as it is the most important thing on there .. i mean even your or the pets health only takes up little room .. here have a whole scroll for useless info taking up as much room as a paperdoll...
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