New Players Welcoming Centre: 2018

PitrPitr Posts: 105

Following our old tradition... we're adding a "Welcome to Catskills Centre"... New Magincia Trammel.


All of this can only be done, thanks to the Wednesday Net Tosses... where we gather artefacts items and other gear for the newcomers and training imbuers... 

There is a teleporter pad to our HQ... the Circle Castle, kindly donated by Wolfie of DNM.

(Special thanks to all the friends that added your statues, teleporter pads or runes to your homes)

We have also added a T Hunting area with maps of: Tokuno, Trammel/Felucca, Ter Mur and Malas.
(this level keeps being updated... adding rune library next)

And last, my special thank you to all the old/new friends... for making UO so much FUN!


  • MalforceMalforce Posts: 5
    What happened to the Welcome Center?

  • PitrPitr Posts: 105
    New players cannot lock down items... so we moved the Centre to our Township in New Magincia Felucca (E7).
  • PitrPitr Posts: 105
    GoodWill... still running.
    Next to the garden... New Magincia Trammel.

    All welcomed!

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