Axer Mule Template Review

Is this template viable. I literally just want to use this toon for gather ore and lumber. Figured I'd throw an axe in his hand and he can do some damage to anything that spawns and be able to hide if I'm attacked in fel. Just threw magery on there to finish it out for a little utility. Thoughts?



  • RockRock Posts: 567
    I like the concept, but there are some tweaks I would make to the build.  First, Magery is not a good fit, in that its use will disarm you.  Well you could limit yourself to only spell-channeling weapons, but IMO Chivalry would be a better fit.  Second, the build offers no way to heal except potions and a very mana-limited heal from Magery or Chivalry.  You already have Anatomy, so why not trade out Hiding for Healing?  I don't worry about being attacked in Felucca.  I play there a lot on the Origin and Baja shards, and have not been attacked by a player in the four years since I started playing again.  Perhaps it is still a concern on Atlantic; that I do not know.  Besides, if your important stuff is insured, what loss is being PK'd but 10 minutes of inconvenience?

    Third, if you have an Imbuing friend (or maybe yourself), you can use ring and or bracelet to give yourself 10 skill in Swords and Tactics.  Twenty points would be freed up for Magery, Chivalry, and/or Focus.  Finally, I would just give up 20 points on Anatomy, and settle for a Heal+Anatomy combo of 100 points each.  You'll still get the GM damage bump at GM Anatomy, but that would be added to the damage you'll gain from 120 Tactics.  The extra 20 points could go to the same things I mentioned when talking about jewelry.

    I have a similar character, called Chopper.  He's not a miner, though.  His build is:

    107+: Swords, Parry
    106+: Bushido
    100: Tactics, Healing, Anatomy
    100: Lumberjack

    (Note that he could give up Bushido in exchange for Mining if having it were an important consideration.)

    Note that jewelry may be imbued with a skill up to level 15.  However, if you limit it to 13, you don't need rare or expensive ingredients.  So worst case is that Bushido would "only" be 119 with the jewelry boost.  Swords and Parry would be 120.

    Being a Samurai offers some nice benefits, not the least of which is enhanced damage via Honor and Perfection.  Axes with the Whirlwind Property are further enhanced by Bushido as well.  And GM Lumberjacking gives him 25% more damage on each axe hit, plus 100% damage on one axe hit in 10.  The weakness of the build is no skill for regenerating mana, so you will be dependent on LMC and MR wearables, as well as hopefully having access to an axe with the Hit Mana Leech property.  Stamina is also an issue, but metal armor helps regenerate that naturally.

    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
  • ThaleusThaleus Posts: 15
    Thank you for the suggestions, I will tweak my build!
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 270
    edited May 16
    Where are you LJing that you have to worry about spawn that your 5 bugs/packies/fire+4bugs/packies cant take care of, same with mining?  Those skills are support skills to your crafters are are easily swapped with soulstones depending what you are working on at the time.  As I get more soulstones the more my Mule/crafters are being made into other char types.
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