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So I played around a bit with different runic tools, reforging, enhancing, crafting straight up with the runic tool as well. It seems reforging with barbed you can get some very decent pieces, however, the resists are so low, you need to enhance, in which the piece seems to break nearly every time.. And you cant inbue these pieces as it seems its already past the cap. Not sure why they break so often, with the smith I rarely ever fail enhancing. Tailoring is at 120. ... Is there any equipment of buff to help out with this? 

What would be the best process for making high end leather armor? Is it better to use a certain runic kit over the other when enhancing? Does one increase failure rate? Or maybe use a regular kit with barbed to get the resists up and skip enhancing an just imbue? 


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    Enhancing a piece with high intensity has a very small chance to succeed.  That is why they sell the tool in the UO store (forged metal of artifacts).   There is no +60 item for tailoring.

    I find a couple of decent pieces with high resists or some artifacts.  Then build around those.  For the last couple of pieces you may end up looking for specific values on the resists.  Like I need 14 phy, 15 Cold. etc.  So you reforge the ones that give you the resists you need.
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    If you are just trying to get a basic suit its pretty easy to mix imbued with reforged.  But if you are trying for high regens (or some other specific thing from another template) plus the basics needs then it is easier to throw in a piece or two with high resists.

    What type suit are you making?
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    I wanted to make a suit for my sampire ... But really, want to make suits for all my characters, Im familar now with what to select when reforging for the most part, except for resists on armor. 

    Do those talisman help out ? Like the tailoring bonus etc? with failure rates? 

    What is that property I see on some suits people make that say +/- 1% next to the resists?

    Is it more likely ill get pieces I want from reforging or is better if I used the runic tool itself with like barbed or horned?  
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    Talismans affect crafting success chance, they have no impact on enhancing or reforging.
    The +/-1% is a process called armor refinement
    it affects resist or dci CAPS, not the armor resists themselves.
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    The +/- is from refinements.  

    No reason not to wear a talisman when crafting.  But only Bone armor would fail to be exceptional at 120.

    You can only reforge items made from plain leather and you want exceptional pieces. You can choose categories and make until you get something close to what you want.  After you make a good piece you can enhance it with Barbed to get barbed resists.

    If you imbue, ppl use Ex Barbed leather with a plain kit.  The resists start higher.  Then you can add specific things.  You can only add resists ---- + HP, Mana, and Stamina.---- Regens  ---- LMC and LRC.  But the caps are much lower than reforging. And can not enhance since you used non plain leather.

    I do not make  starting items with a runic tool because you get properties you do not want.

    Here are some examples.  I have 8 Toons that need dex pieces.  None of them need LRC. Most have 210 Stamina.  

    1. and 2. are pieces I looted.  One or two pieces like that and you can build a suit around them.

    3. Is a reforged piece that has been enhanced. I do not have a lot of patience.  I could have kept going until I got 4 MR and 10 LMC.  Those are the Stats I wanted on an archer so its perfect.

    4. Is an old imbued piece I still use.  The only Imbued piece I still use.

    My dexxers use artifacts, Legendaries  and crafted armor pieces.  None have all legendaries.  Too hard to find a bunch of Legendary Dex armor.

    All methods of dex suit building takes a lot of planning and time.  I am always trying to upgrade pieces I have. 
    Imbuing is straight forward.  Add the things you want but lower caps.  POF before you do it.
    Reforging is random. You get higher values but you get properties you may not want.
    Enhancing is done after and you need to use the tool.

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