Lake Superior: Selling fully trained / GM skilled pets

All pets have been trained to 5 slots and skilled to GM in all combat skills (wrestle, tactics, anatomy, resisting spells, parry, focus, meditation, poisoning if applicable). Magic skills and healing are generally skilled to between 60 and 80 as part of the training process. All pets have 620-700 points remaining for application of power scrolls or additional stats. 


- Cu Sidhe: 35mil*
- Lesser Hiryu: 40mil*
- Giant/Fire Beetle: 60mil

*premium/rare color pets will carry a nominal surcharge as listed in pet description 


- Cu Sidhe, Echo blue, Goo/AI/Chiv
- Cu Sidhe, Grey, AI/Discord
- Cu Sidhe, Gold, AI/Chiv
- Cu Sidhe, Bronze, AI/Chiv
- Cu Sidhe, Agapite, Goo/AI/Discord
- Giant Beetle: AI/Rune Corruption/Poisoning


- Lesser Hiryu, Light Green, AI/Chiv
- Lesser Hiryu, Green, AI/TBD
- Fire Beetle, AI/Rune Corruption/Poisoning
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