Role Play Reds??

McDougleMcDougle Posts: 312
is there such a thing ? i might have some work for them on Pac if so ...


  • They existed, though they were far rarer than commonly is suggested in retrospect.
    I haven't seen, or heard of, one in a long time.
    -John's player
  • NorryNorry Posts: 142
    Back when i just started on napa, there was a red who roleplayed a vampire. Bring you to his house, kill you, emote drinking your blood, then rez you.

    Pretty awesome all in all. Didnt take your stuff.
  • ValisValis Posts: 12
    I have characters that don't leave Fel. I have a few reds that I sometimes hop onto. But nobody ever really comes around :D
  • Way back when Siege Perilous first opened (July 1999) there was a Good/Evil system. The "Evil" characters were red. Some tried to roleplay (and succeeded very well!) others didn't. It was a cool system, but went the way of the DoDo like all things that get abused and misused. :(
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