Nox/Necro/Mage Build - Advice on how to use him

This is my Nox Mage that I built several years ago. He is the only character I have that has a perfectly built template, but even back in the day I never really spent much time using him. I just returned to the game and I'm settling on who I want to spend time with for PVM. I figured he was a good choice since he has a fully built template. 

My Questions: 

Is this still a valid build, or does it need changed?

MAINLY, how do I play this build? Just a general overview to get my started. Thank you for your help!


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    It looks like it would be a fun build.  One difference in how I would do it is to be happy at 100 Spirit Speak, and use the extra points elsewhere.  You would add more to your Necromancy abilities by upping Necromancy itself as opposed to minor gains granted by SS > 100. It's not like you need to depend on SS for healing self.

    I've seen a Nox Mage go crazy at the Sleeping Dragon spawn in Tokuno.  It's freaking amazing!  While she didn't  have Necro, she did have GM Poisoning.

    Also, consider using some custom jewelry, unless you are enamored of actually having true "Legendary" status.  You could get an imbuer friend to make you a custom ring and bracelet, with say 10 Eval and Magery on one, and 10 Resist and Necro on the other.  (Skill levels up to 13 can be imbued without rare ingredients.  With rare stuff, they can reach 15.)  Assuming a simple 10 in each, lowering four skills by ten gives you 40 points back to become a GM poisoner as well as 20 more Med.  GM poisoning will greatly enhance your Poison and especially Poison Field spells.  PF would gain not only in intensity but duration.  Also the Necro Poison Strike spell would have an increased chance of poisoning foes withing its field of effect, in addition to the normal one-time poison damage.

    Also, if you don't have the Eodon expansion, consider getting it.  You will then be allowed to use Mastery skills in Magery and Necromancy.  There is also a Poisoning Mastery, but you need at least 90 skill to use it.

    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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    Drop to 40 med and get 120 Necro (use wraith form for mana regen while hunting).  With a level 3 necro mastery you can ride a mount and control 2 skeletal dragons.  Use poison fields instead of poison spell.  Wear as much SDI as you can, preferably 140+.

    Use wraith form and EQ for low level critters.  For tougher mobs the skeletal dragons can tank while you poison field and cast spells from behind.
  • Something to contemplate is dropping med and switching to bone/studded armor for the 55lmc and the ability to refine.  Wisp + wraith and or lich keeps me going well enough with the 55 lmc.  There is also mage mastery for mana emergencies. 

    Along with that you gotta ask yourself what you're using necro for, if you don't use the mastery or wither that can be dropped to 60 and still retain handy stuff like wraith, corpse skin, omen etc.

    Those combined can be used for say something silly like 120 spell weaving, parry, so on and so on.
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    You guys are amazing, I will try this stuff out. Thank you!
  • Here's one of my necro mage tamers... sure no poison, I keep that on a few other necros but will maybe give some ideas.

    120 tame
    120 lore
      55 necro
      80 ss
    120 magery
    120 eval
    105 vet

    Fun, uses a few cheap skill items to boost ss to 120 and necro to 60.  Can solo tons of stuff fast.

    Here's more of my evil doers for reference/ideas

    120 necro
    120 so
    120 music
    120 provoke
    120 discord
    120 peacemaking/fencing

    115 archery 
    120 tactics
    110 anatomy
    100 healing
    120 ss
    60 necro
    95 poisoning

    120 necro
    120 ss 
    120 mace
    120 parry
    100 poison
    70 stealth
    70 hiding
    So on and so on, all my characters have necro in some manner.  Even my alchemist and mule have it.
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