NPC Vendors - Please consider a fix

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NPC Vendors sell items two ways :  

Floating price - Start at quantity 500. When 500 are bought - the price goes up by 1gp.  When 500 are sold to the vendor price goes down by 1gp.

Fixed price - Start at quantity 20.  When you buy 20 they disappear for like an hour until they restock and will restock at 40, then 80, then 160 up to 999.  If no one buys any for an hour - they go back to 20.  Price is always the same regardless of quantity. 

On the fixed price ones - why do we have to wait an hour to restock and why do we have to spend 5 hours buying them up to 999?  Why can't you just sell 999?  Its only crafters that use this stuff anymore.  No one is carrying around bags of regs for fighting.  No one is making a living off selling regs on a vendor for a higher price.   You can kill fan dancers and make more money in 5 minutes than spending all day to buy up 10k of a reg.  

Please switch the fixed price items to 999 and auto stock. If I want to buy 100 blank scrolls why do I have to wait a couple hours?


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    Not much of a consolutation but I have noticed that restock happens randomly between 30 and 45 minutes after I make my purchase. 
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    Theo said:
     If I want to buy 100 blank scrolls why do I have to wait a couple hours?
    You don't. You can buy 120 scrolls with a short walk around Skara Brae. The same can be done in several places.
    Scrolls are sold not only by mage npcs but also real estate agents, scribes and some mapmakers. A trip to the Lyceum will get you 160.

    You can also write your own, 1 x woodpulp = 5 x blank scrolls.  I did once research just how many scrolls you could get with a single trip around the whole game's npc population, but I don't remember where I posted it.
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    Petra is completely correct in what she says of course, we've all gotten used to marking runes to every single scroll/magic/tailor/alchemy shop for example, and making the rounds.

    But I also really like the way you present your arguments Theo, and think you have a point, you are seeing it afresh, something we've not questioned for years, maybe it could use an update/tweak to bring it more in line with current gameplay.

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    I was just using blank scrolls as an example.  Why do I have to go to 3 vendors to buy 200 blank runes if I want to make a bunch of Runic Atlas?  Why do I need to go and buy up a dozen mages if I want mage regs to craft with?  Why do I need to buy up the 3 bone vendors in the game to get bones for crafting?  If you are willing to sell 20 of an item at a fixed price - why not sell 100 or 300 or 999 and insta restock?  Why is there a limit?  It just frustrates players.   

    I get it - 20 years ago people didn't have LRC and if the regs were out - well that might impact your play because you can't just unlimited buy and then go fight/cast spells.  But today - everyone runs with LRC.  The only thing the 20 limit does is make it a pain to stock up large quanties to craft, scribe or alchemy with.   Nothing else.  YOu will sell me 500 bolts of cloth and instant restock - why not 999 bones and insta restock?   Its a simple fix that should be fixed.  

    Remove the grind. Its not fun to spend half a day buying up vendors so you can stock up on an NPC item.    If I want to buy 200 robes - let me buy 200 robes.  
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    I love that I can go to an npc and buy lesser cure potions by the 500s...but if I want to make some myself I can only buy 20 regs at a time....said no one ever.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it.
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    I agree, and I'll slide in a vendor suggestion I made a while ago.  Some things, like horses, you only want to buy one at a time.  And that is all the vendor will sell to you.  After the purchase, he restores his inventory fairly quickly.  Good design.  But for some reason, the design was not carried forward.  If you want to purchase a 10,625gp stone crafting book, you can purchase 20 of them.  And I did, by mistake.  The books should be treated like horses.  Just as no one wants to buy 20 horses at once, no one wants to buy 20 expensive books at once.
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