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So, like the title says. I have a character I just don't know what to do with. I have remade her over and over and meh ... I'm just not happy. She's OKAY in PvM and stands no chance in PvP. I literally have no idea what to do at this point. She's one of my oldest characters and has had the most changes over the last decade. Girl isn't getting any younger ... she needs to find her niche!

Current Skills:
Anat 100
Archery 110
Healing 100
Tactics 105
Hiding 100
Stealth 86.3/115
Ninjitsu 88.6/115

Str 100
Dex 112
Int Bless her! (38)

I also have 115 Fencing on a stone.

I brought her over to Atlantic specifically to be part of a three-player triad of PvP. They decided to go play City of Heroes so here I am ...

I want to be effective as part of a team or just to be a pain. I'm just looking to have fun. I'm not into switching out armor every five seconds because honestly ... I'll just forget where I put it. I have a Legendary Imbuer on speed dial so that's fun but I don't have a lot of gold to spend on Legendary stuff.

I thought about bringing tactics up to 120 and adding Resist Spells. I LOVE special moves so I usually have a lot of mana regen on my armor as it is.

I don't script, I am infinitely patient to sit around watch behavior and I'm going to be looking for a PvP mentor on Atlantic once I get this template sorted.

Thanks in advance! :)

*edit* so also ... if you're willing to be a PvP mentor ... let me know!

I feel like I should post a pic or something so you can swipe left or right :p


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    The pvp community isn't as welcoming as some other games. There are several posts looking for template help and the answers are "play what you like". Some peoples templates are their secret sauce, and wont give it out. I don't want to set you astray on a template because I'm recently returning to pvp after many years. The best advice I can give you is find a good pvper in game and ask for help. Someone gave me a 30min lesson on atl few weeks ago, and that helped more than any forum advice.
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    It's not that they're not welcoming. There are too many variables to say hey this will work for you.

    You have to play what you like and what you're good at. There are many people that shine on some templates but are not very good at all on others. Some of the top mages to ever play this game are flat comical trying to play a melee. Some of the top melee can't play a mage.

    Archery needs to be 120 before you do anything else. From there is all on what you can do for yourself. Is healing needed for what you're planning? Do you carry trap boxes where you won't need resist? 

    PvP isn't like making a one size fits all samp. 
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