Europa's May Events

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- 3rd May: 2vs2 tournament 8.30 PM UK time zone, EM Hall
- 16th May: Necromancer's Madness 8.30 PM UK time zone, EM hall
-17th May: Vampiric Embrace 8.30 PM UK time zone, EM hall


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     Due to being off work, having more time to play UO, and not being as tired as I often am by life, I managed to attend all 3 of these events.

    Would just like to say cheers EM Sarah for your efforts and putting them on, I enjoyed them all for different reasons - it was good to see you appeared to be enjoying this recent one as well, getting into it.

    Felucca ones are always hard, I appreciate, but I'm glad they happen, they are more important than Trammel ones to me.

    The Trammel events were cool, well managed, ton of people, nice drop.

    Can't wait for June.

    {I've never been an events person in the past, I avoided them all, but getting into them}.

    "The Tree".  :)

  • EM SarahEM Sarah Posts: 50Event Moderator
    Dear Cookie, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciated it. June's event will be superb, I am planning to ask for an amazing looking boss! See you soon  <3
  • CookieCookie Posts: 913
     Good stuff, yeah I'm looking forward to. B)
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