Bug: Tribarrel Cactus

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This is a bug I feel very passionate about.  I've tried before for months to get the original seeds in every color for a seedbox, but the Tribarrel is bugged currently.  

Currently, bog things and boglings drop three plant types for seeds in four possible colors.  I've made a diagram below. 

                 Plain         Red         Blue        Yellow
Campion   X               X             X             X
Tribarrel    ?               ?              ?             ?
Fern          X               X             X             X

The cross reference with a ? results in a RANDOM plant of the right color.  The RANDOM plant can be anything.  

Crossbreeding into a tribarrel also results in a random plant.  So for example, if I crossed a red tribarrel and a blue tribarrel with the expectation of getting a purple tribarrel, it would result with a purple random plant.

The plant system is a big draw for me and I loved the predictability in a game that is mostly RNG.  Everyone has the thing they always come back to the game for and enjoy and the plant system is it for me.


  • FeigrFeigr Posts: 182
    I've seen it, I still consider this a bug.  I don't like RNG in the plant system.  It's one of the few things that doesn't have RNG. I also wasn't asked so when saying players requested that, I'd strongly question that viability.

    Sounds like a weak excuse at not fixing something.  A simple thing would be to add a 4th seed that is tribarrel and keeping the random one.
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    Feigr said:
    I've seen it, I still consider this a bug.  
    I know this doesn't help the problem, but if you need the tribarrel seeds on Chesapeake, i'm always growing them and have a little stockpile.
  • FeigrFeigr Posts: 182
    Thanks as usual violet.  These are pretty rare and I'm about to start school again.  I may hit you up on it when I finish my recertifications for the year.
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 940
    Feigr said:
    Sounds like a weak excuse at not fixing something.  A simple thing would be to add a 4th seed that is tribarrel and keeping the random one

    I remember this happening, and reading about why it wasn't fixed here. http://sakkarah-gaming.blogspot.co.uk/2009/05/
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    Ahhh @Petra_Fyde you always bring me back to earth and hit me in the feels.  I miss my tribarrels though.
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    I love this part:

    So I looked into the code on how to revert all existing ones and neuter the remaining offensive seeds. Once I found the solution, I went to the gardeners forums to make a post telling them the fix for these abominations was on its way! But what I found was a really long thread of excited players sharing their experiments results, building up cross-pollination charts, giving each other tips on how to achieve certain hues and certain breeds. It was like watching a bunch of kids in a toy store. I had this strange mix of major annoyance, amusement and pride at how nice the kids were playing with each other. 
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