Where are all the player vendors?

BooBoo Posts: 10
Hi Guys,

Quick question if you don't mind...  

Been looking for well stocked player vendors which were all over the place last time I played.... can't find any now.

Where are they?


  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 923
    edited April 2020
    With the advent of Vendor Search vendors are more spread out over the land than previously. With that search not only will it give you a map to the location, the context menu on the map gives you an option to transport you there, open the correct vendor container and even transport you back to where you came from.
    As a Europa player I can recommend RAA guild shop which also has a rune library, free repair bench and lockpick training boxes. Here is a vendor search map to that shop.

  • BooBoo Posts: 10
    Thank you for that.  That's also not far from where I build my house!

    I totally forgot there was a vendor search nowadays, thanks for the reminder.
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