Guild recruitment

Any guilds active and looking for some new blood. Experienced returning player.

Abc archer(still training) 
Sampire (still under going training)

I enjoy all aspects of uo. I don't need money or gear too get going as I'm fully equipped on my chars. Just looking for some individuals to play with. 


  • hi Mohawk,
    If you get any offers to join, could you also send a word to me?

    as you saw, to my forum post there was no answer. And when asking in game, i also get no answer at all..
    One thing you can try is to be at Britania bank between 6 and 7 UK time (every day). They have meetings there whose purpose is to help returning and new players...
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 1,353
    Europa Shard Gen Chat.  Give a shout out while ingame.
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