looking for guild / partners in crime


i am new to the official UO servers and i am looking for people with whom together to enjoy the game (aka Guild).
If any guild find a spot for player, please, share some info on your guild and some way to contact you to join...
Lower is more info on me and what  want.

What i want from the guild:
  • company with which to do PVM content
  • advice and tips on in-game content
I am absolutely no interest in one aspect of the game - Role Playing. In video games it always felt dull and artificial...

About me:
Have been messing around with UO on alternative (f2p) servers for many years (Never sticking around for long as they have been pay to win or role play). Never before sticked to official UO server, as the game require allies , which before have not asked for : )
Other MMORPG's i do not like because they are dull WOW or WOW-wannabees...
Started now few weeks back on Atlantis server but found that playing on wrong side of Atlantic ocean can make serious lag spikes... So have started on Europa...
Here i have GM magery/mystic char (do not find it that fun). Plan to make full set of crafters (UO has 2nd best crafting i have seen in any mmorpg) and start sampire here. On atlantic server i will leave active archer...


  • just decided to transfer my chars from atl too europa. im looking for people to either create a guild with or join a pre exsisting guild.

    im a returning player, had to completely start again so ive begun training a sampire, abc archer and a necromage.
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