Rorschach Can you please explain how I can report a stealth AFK tamer?

Seeing as you predictably closed my thread highlighting to the Dev team the blatant AFK farming in the Dojo, can you please show me how I can report a hidden player to the GM so action can be taken?

If I type the name of the offender in the help Gump it usually comes back negative, I can see them as I have tracking but of course I cant target them so please enlighten me so they can be dealt with

I have broken NO rules on my thread and once again the UOF police play God a try to hide anything that requires Dev action to combat cheating......

I see no reason to try and hide this report unless maybe you are one of these hidden tamers? Do you NOT want cheaters dealt with? Why do you keep trying to silence the players that want to get rid of cheating once and for all??


and how can @Mesanna ever be able to take action if you keep deleting and closing and trying to let these threads fall away.

Such a shame the Devs don't read straits anymore, maybe they would be able to see the REAL state of this game and not the diluted happy taste that. is trying to be portrayed here


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    Help> other > The pet name [whatever] at [location] appears to be unaccompanied by an owner. Please investigate.

    Or words to that effect. You might include a time period.
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    Lol seriously your gonna try and report a tamer who is simply hidden while his pet kills stuff? Absolutely ridiculous there is nothing anywhere that says this is in any way illegal and encouraging him is just as bad
    And cheater seriously? Wtf
    And hell yeah I invis myself when I'm out hunting with my tamer I'm not about to let all the mobs target me the point is to have the mob aggro my pet not me. There is no game in the world that is gonna punish a player for standing around in the game hidden or unbidden and quite honestly if ea/broadsword wants to even consider setting this precedent then I suggest they look at their other games and the thousands of players that sit there logged in and not necessarily at their computers. You want to punish someone for using some sort of automation to play the game then go ahead. But punish me for just idling in a game while my pet kills stuff?seriously get off my back and quit worrying about how I chose to play my game. I'm not breaking any rules go away, find someone else to bother or something better to do nuff sedd
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    Nope. I am not going to do that because that would be silly.
    What I DO want to report is the AFK stealth tamers that are NOT controlling their pets, and are NOT at the keyboard,  this can be proved when the public spawn is agro'd elsewhere and the pet returns thew the tamer and the tamer does NOTHING for a long period of time.  
    This is the person I want to report. 
    Understand now?

    Do I need to explain the diff between invising yourself and an AFL stealth tamer? Created just for this event? or others dungeons where they can leave the pet with no fear of it being killed and drops fall into their packs?

    It certainly is not acceptable to dump a pet in a dungeon, you in stealth mode, all day while you are not paying attention to the game. You think this is acceptable so that other players cannot use the area?  

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    There is like 30 spawns in the dojo when I go to the dojo and the spawn I like is taken you know what I do? I go to one of the other 29 spawns in the dojo and if all 29 other spawns are taken I go to yamotsu mines there is.another 30 or so spawns there and if all of those are taken i go to any of the other tokuno spawns why? Because ALL mobs in tokuno drop arties except cranes it doesn't have to be a fan dancer and if I dont want to hunt anywhere but fan dancers then I go find something else to do, there is hundreds of fun things to do in this game, what i dont do is come here to whine because twinkletoes is in my favourite spawn. Invis or afk or whatever it doesn't matter what the dude is doing and I DEFINITELY dont waste the gms time by reporting twinkletoes in the Hope's a gm might take my side and ruin his gameplay just so I can have my spot. If the dude is actually harassing someone exploiting wether it be scripts or whatever then by all means but reporting some dude that is in your favor spot is wrong and it's actually harrasment quite honestly if you call a gm on me for playing the game however I choose and I'm not breaking the rules then I expect that gm to do the right thing and take action against you for harassing me and if that gm DOESN'T take action against you for false reporting then I. Question is not doing their job. Every social online game has strict policy against false reporting including ultima online
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    AFK is illegal and players who do this need to be stopped. it is NOT wasting a GM's time.  You are complicit with illegal activities if you see them and do nothing.
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    I am a fan of twinkletoes!  Cool dude!

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    to @mariah can we have a 7 days break from those 2
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    u show me somewhere where it says im not allowed to afk

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    there is NOTHING wrong with leaving ur keyboard if ur NOT running a macro
    link me in the TOS where it says im not allowed to go AFK and ill shut up

    6. You may not leave an active character or pet in game while unattended. If your character is performing a skill, text or action, you must be able to respond to a Game Master when one attempts to speak to you.

    and this covers reporting someone playing the game according to the rules I believe its number 24
    You will not do anything else that interferes with the ability of other Ultima Online users to enjoy playing the game in accordance with its rules, or that increases the expense or difficulty of Electronic Arts in maintaining the Ultima Online Service for the enjoyment of all its users

    posting this here as a general educatiional tool for those of the community that do not understand this process, I am done arguing the subject thank you for your debate and see you online in game
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