Enhanced Client: Is there a way to do a Last Button action in a macro?

My mage is training Inscription, currently at 87.9 skill.  He rotates 3 items, Gate Travel(40 mana), Flamestrike (40 mana), and Spellbook (0 mana, 10 scrolls).  I like the spread between resource and mana usage.  The easiest way to do this is to make one of each, got to the LAST TEN pane, and click the third button down.  This will attempt to make that item, and move it to the top.  Next press of same button is the 2nd item, and next press is the third, rotating them.

I would like to automate this by using a macro.  The various targeting actions seem to all involve something in the world, not a button within a gump. What I'd like is a Click Last Button action.  The macro would be two steps:

Click Last Button

Is there a way to accomplish something like this?  I found the Make Last crafting action, but it will simply make the last item, not rotate among several.  I guess that is a fallback, but in a loop the Delay would need to be like 10 seconds or more, longer as my skill got better.
Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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