Spring Festival 2020 - Red & Purple Mini Mall - Yew, Tram, Atlantic. - YOU are invited!

My Lords, Ladies, and... sub-creatures...

Date is set!

Saturday, 11 April. Time? To be announced, however in the PM.

This marking the 18th anniversary of the Red & Purple, what was founded Fall of 2001.

This starting in a single room of a vendor-mall castle (in Tram)...
then to a Small Marble Shop near the Desert of Compassion...​
then to the current location...​
THEN to the TOWN it is today and has been for many years.​

If you haven't been around the First Church of Candy as of late... there is a new pixie announcing the date by the church building.

Keep a rune... catch a moongate that will be set up the day of the event.

Food will be provided, as much as an army could ever eat.

Drink will be bountiful... until you get sick.

Fun and games!

There will be CAKE!

Everyone is invited.... even the rotten little brothers of the kingdom.

Tell your friends!

Owner of the Red & Purple Mini Mall, established 2001. - The Red & Purple Pixies of the Yew Wood [Town] Atlantic Shard.
Proud member of the Department of Mayhem.
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