Fix Jewelry Boxes

TheoTheo Posts: 127
Please fix the jewelry boxes already.

When you try to move them - it is one item per jewel so you can't carry a box full of 500 in any containers. It makes it impossible to move it from house to house.   Should be 5/1 lockdowns like Davies locker or bod books etc.  I know there is a gump option to move it in the same house - but seriously dev's - people place and move to new houses all the time. Make it so you can carry a full jewelry box in your pack. 

Secondly - it sure would be nice to have any sort function so you can find jewelry.  At least pick one skill you are after and show those first or something.   It takes forever to find anything in a box. 


  • TheoTheo Posts: 127
    Thirdly - let us name them like a bod book. Its dumb that I have to put a book on top of it to tell whats inside of it so I dont' confuse the half dozen of them in my house. 
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