New EM Feature: Gate That Brings Players To A 'Random' Location

One of the new EM tools released in the publish is a gate they can set to bring players to different locations. It was used last night on Great Lakes where a single gate sent players to two different boss areas.

My guildmates and I, that were in a party, got completely split up. Luckily, the excellent GL EM's foresaw this as a problem and had two gates already set up that went between each areas before the boss came out so I could catch up with my guildmates. 

I guess for the solo player this doesn't matter much, but this a MMO after all.... we have guilds parties and we like to stick together to cross heal, res, cure, etc. I'm not sure what 'problem' this new feature is solving but using it for separate boss areas is going to very annoying. I hope it gets depreciated very fast.

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