Plague Server Announcement

Preface - Please forgive this for maybe being tone-deaf to the ongoing coronavirus -it is not my intention. I’ve always hoped to see a new event server like this and took this opportunity as a writing prompt. I hope everyone stays safe out there, especially our ageing UO playerbase!

Introducing the Plague Server


The plague beasts came without warning. No one knew they had been amassing in the swamps of Ilshenar, and the swamps North of Trinsic and East of Britain. They were no longer content to stay put or stay idle. They began moving out of the swamps slowly a few weeks ago, but their spread is increasing quickly. Is this some new form of intelligence that has them moving across the land, or some other power compelling them to devour everything in their path? I fear we will never know as we have been able to slow them but a little. The Royal Britannia Guard was the first to try. It was surely a sight to behold, the knights in their bright armor that you could hardly look upon. Seasoned veterans, all of them, as hard and as skilled as a man can be. The day was certain to be ours. Nay but a handful of horses came back to us from their sortie on the beasts.

Ilshenar was overrun first - as there was little in that land but monsters. The rare paragon beasts seem mad with rage and are a terrible sight to behold. I’ve heard reports that trammel is lost as well. All of it… can you believe it father… the magic that kept them safe must have failed spectacularly. I was sent on a scouting mission to Luna after we received some disturbing reports. Sadly the carnage in the merchant capital was complete and Luna is no longer habitable - this scourge has not overlooked the wealthy as many have in the past. It felt as if a ghost passed through me to walk along the cobbled road among the majestic houses in dead silence. There was nothing left… as if it had been uninhabited for the last 300 years. Not even a single birdsong to break the unease. We have yet to hear back from the scouts sent to Tokuno and Ter Mur. At this point we have little hope for good news.

Father, I implore you to take mother and the girls to the castle in Britain. Do not tarry! This plague has devoured everything in its path. Though you are the best carpenter in Yew, the house you built with your own hands is surely like a castle of sand against the ocean. We could do nothing but watch as a single plague beast ate through the door of a small house near the swamp. The screams from inside… they were made of nightmares and I shall never be rid of them. Even Trinsic, with it’s mighty walls, has somehow fallen. More of the beasts are coming father. Not in ones or twos, but in hundreds and thousands - and they have no remorse. Our first thought was to get everyone to one of the islands, but we have seen them swimming in large hoards through the bay. I fear the castle is our last hope as they appear to avoid the stone walls.

Stay alert at all times father. One would think a crisis that could wipe out the races would forge a bond between them as strong as valorite. But all is not safe in and around the towns, even in the midst of this tragedy there are unsavory characters who would steal or even kill you for what little you have left. Perhaps we brought this plague upon ourselves? Argh - pray keep my dark mood secret from others...

Give my love to mother and the girls and tell them to be brave. I fear this may be the last you hear from me. We are moving to the front East of Britain to slow the hoard as best we can. I would ask you to pray to the gods for us, but we may be beyond even their help now…

Your Dutiful Son

The plague server is a temporary server where everyone starts out fresh. Sosaria as we know it has been affected by a scourge that has destroyed many facets - only Felucca remains and it is up to you to help save it! Will the races band together, or will chaos reign until all is lost?

On the plague server:

  • Felucca is the only facet available
  • Plague beasts have wiped out all cities but Britain. 
  • Plague beasts devour everything in their path, including other monsters and players. 
  • Upon killing a plague beast it’s corpse will contain many of the treasures it has eaten. 
  • Plague beast hearts and body parts can be destroyed in town in the garbage can and reward a large amount of clean up points. 
  • Special high value rewards have been added to the cleanup points system.
  • Character transfers are not allowed
  • Recall and gate are disabled, thankfully the ancient magic of the moongates still works.
  • Housing has been deemed unsafe across the land and the remainder of the civilized races have barricaded themselves in the town of Britain. All other cities have fallen to the plague.
  • You may only create one character on this server per account.
  • When the event is over, a transfer token will be placed in your bank box and any loot you have earned can be transferred to the server of your choice.
  • Special event reward titles “Plaguemaster XXX” will be awarded to players who earn the appropriate titles through their skills. 
  • Veteran rewards are disabled.
  • Special types of wood and ore can be harvested that will harm plaguebeasts. (Similar to the caddellite system used)
  • Voidpool like leaderboard that shows the highest earned cleanup points.

The server will be shut down after 3 months and then we will have our next event server!

Give me your other ideas that would make this server fun to play on temporarily!



  • RockRock Posts: 567
    You present an interesting idea, and I would spend some time in such a server/event.  I don't know if the devs will have the resources to implement such a thing, but still.

    One point you did not make clear about Felucca being the only facet left.  Historically, the Lost Lands have been considered part of Felucca.  Do you see them as still extant?  Also, there may be no reason to "destroy" Ilshenar and Eoden.  Have the folks and creatures within destroy their moongates as a matter of survival.  Since runes have no access to those places anyway, they might survive, although be inaccessible.  Or, with their moongates down, no one knows if they survived or not.
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
  • Bring back the Blackrock Infection mechanics.
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