EM Event - 21 March 2020

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"Oi, this rock sounds hollow!" yelled Bronze-nosed Bob, putting his pick aside for a moment.

"Arr, oi don't hear nuffin'" said Bung-ear Fred, peering at the rock Bob had been chipping away at. "Are ye sure ye aren't whackin' on an ore elemental's belly again? Yer remember what happened that last time! She weren't happy, no sir!"

"Nay, it's no elemental. Listen!"  Bob grabbed his pick, and swung at the rock again. It gave way in a spectacular shower of glowing black fragments and stone, and a cry of pain that seemed to come from the very depths of the earth.

A twinkling tendril of smoke came roaring out of the darkness beyond, sweeping over the two miners, and then turning towards the voices of their companions, further back in the mine.

Shortly thereafter, as the walls of the mine slowly turned to black, the angry cries of the miners could be heard echoing through the mine, each intent on killing every one of his friends...

What's all this then?

It's an event. An EM Event. It'll take place on Siege Perilous, on March the 21st, 2020, at 4 pm CDT, also known as 5 pm EDT, and 10 pm GMT.

It's Siege. You have been warned. This means that you CAN be killed by other players. You CAN lose stuff. There is no insurance. Attention all visitors : NO INSURANCE. Why would I do this to you? Because I can. Nya ha ha ha ha. *cough* I mean, because it's fun. And, because PKs are people too. At least, some of them are. I'm not entirely certain about gargoyles, orcs or goblin PKs. 

We will meet at the EM Hall, north of the Britain moongate at the start of the event, and a gate to the starting point of the event will be placed in the Hall.

So, come along, fight over-powered monsters, have fun, and perhaps get some cool loot. Or look cool while being looted. Your choice!

-EM Kincaid

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