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I realized the other day that none of my characters have ever taken advantage of the Gargoyle's racial ability, Mystic Insight.  This gives them a 30 shadow skill in Mysticism, similar to the 20 shadow skill humans have in Magery.  So I've thought about making a character who would do so.  His template would be something like:

110+: Throwing, Tactics
110+: Music, Discord
100: Chivalry, Focus
  80: Bushido, Hiding, or Peacemaking

(The 110+ skills would use jewelry to bring effective level to 120.)

Note he also would effectively have 30 skill in Mysticism.  What does that bring to the table?
  • 80% chance to cast Nether Bolt and, more importantly, Healing Stone. The latter is significant in that it offers him what is essentially a multi-use, castable greater healing potion for quick heals.  Of course he can heal with Chivalry too, but using the healing stone has no delay and is not interruptible.  At 100 focus, a newly cast stone has 162 healing points, giving it quite a few uses before he needs to cast another one.  Downside is that if you use it multiple times in quick succession, only the first time heals for a significant amount.
  • 58.7% chance (if I did math right) to cast Purge Magic, and more importantly, Enchant.  This is a buff to weapons, giving one a little over a minute of a hit effect such as Hit Lightning, Hit Fireball, or Hit Dispel (chosen upon each cast).   Duration would be longer with significant amount of actual Mysticism skill, but from what I can tell damage done is tied to Focus.
Who has tried taking advantage of this?  How effective has it been?  Have you any suggestions for the template?
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    Before theorycrafting all of this and putting it to use, I would hop on test server right away and actively test your ideas. I strongly beleive that healing stone amo0unt of heal scale off your mysticism and focus skill combined, and enchant % also scale off those too, so at 30 mystic it would only give you something like 20% lightning for few seconds..
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    @quickblade Thank you for your reasoned response. I am actively testing the general concept now on the Origin shard.  My Gargoyle character was pre-existing and is my Imbuer there.  His goal template is:

    120: Imbuing
    110+: Throwing, Tactics
    110+: Healing, Anatomy
    100: Resist Spells
      60: Focus
      30: Mysticism (shadow)
    ("110+" specifies 110 actual skill with more coming from jewelry.)

    He is still undergoing training and currently has 100 Focus, 97 Imbuing, 66 Throwing, 63 Chivalry, 95 Anatomy, 81 Healing, and 85 Resist.

    The only thing he is using Mysticism for is Enchant. It last for about 62 seconds, which is 4 times longer than Chivalry's Divine Fury.  He does decent damage even without Enemy of One, and Enchant's Hit Lightning on the Lizardmen he is currently fighting is about equal to the normal weapon damage without EoO.  I expect Enchant to improve a bit as his Imbuing skill rises above Focus.

    With Enchant costing nothing except regs or dependence on an LRC suit, I would say it is worthwhile.  Its extra damage will become more important when he starts dropping Chivalry to make room for the goal skill levels.  As a Healer, he doesn't get much use out of Healing Stone, but the build in the OP would, it being quicker and often superior to Chivalry's interruptible Close Wounds. It is only doing 21-24 points of healing per use, which on the positive side means he gets a lot of uses out of its original 162 point capacity.  The official description of the spell says its efficacy is dependent upon both Mysticism and Focus/Imbuing, so I expect minor improvement as Imbuing rises above Focus.
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    But if you plan on having just 30 mystic , I do not think healing stone nor enchant will be worth enought to be using, their values will be too low because it take mystic into the formula , for exemple every 5 point in mystic would increase the hit lightning by 1% same with imbuing or focus or something like that, so 30 mystic with 120 focus/imbue would be about 30% ish  hit lightning if im not wrong, so in conclusion the passive 30 mysticism on a gargoyle doesnt have much use to be honest. Thats assuming thats how it works I havent test on test server yet, but I do remember when I had 115 mystic or less I wasnt receiving the full 60% hit lightning from enchant
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    it would be actually better for you to have 120 mystic instead with archery and go human with 20 focus skill, at least youd be able to cast things like colossus or highter mystic spells , and if u keep imbuing well youd have 100% mystic effects spells, but let me know if you ever test the 30 passive mystic with 120 focus/imbuing , what are the values on your enchant and mystic stone heal, there might be something to do here...
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    @quickblade Garthur (the aforementioned Gargolye Imbuer) was mainly a craftsmen.  It was not until recently that I started giving him useful adventuring capabilities.  I don't expect him to take part in group hunts or anything like that.  But I do expect him to be able to eventually take on Ogre Lords, normal dragons, etc.  His Anatomy and Tactics, plus the use of exceptionally crafted weapons, should all give him fairly high damage even without buffs like Enemy of One.  I look at the damage from Enchant as gravy.  Of course his abilities would be much stronger with high Mysticism, but I have other characters doing that.  Garthur can focus his attributes on STR and DEX, leaving just enough INT for special moves and any calls to Enchant he wants to make.

    Thank you for your advice, but I know his template as a warrior is not the strongest. But as someone who can go out and gather stuff to unravel and overland imbuing and crafting ingredients, he should be fine.  The main reason I started building his adventuring skills was so he could get the 10,000 loyalty points to the Gargoyle Queen.  This will enable him to use her soulforge.

    I'll try to remember to report back here when he gets his Imbuing skill to 120.
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
  • @Rock How did things turn out for you?  I'm building a Gargoyle Imbuer/Thrower right now and wondering what the ideal STR/DEX/INT mix is. My current stats are at 

    My template will be (with current listed over target, current/target) 
    • Anatomy (100/100)
    • Chivarly (98.2100)
    • Imbuing (78.2/100)
    • Mysticism (83/100)
    • Tactics (85.6/100)
    • Throwing (104.7/120)
    • Focus (100, for now, so I can regen mana while I train Chiv/Mysticism, but as I get power scrolls, I'll work the other skills to 120, OR I keep everything else at 100 and add Healing)
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