Ladies and Gentlemen, its time to drop Lost lands

Meanwhile the playerbase got bigger and bigger it was fun to add new landmass, however this is no longer the case. The past years less players has joined our community and its time for less landmass. I hearby suggest the removal of Lost lands trammel and felluca.

I do however understand the need for felucca Oaks spawn, in order to spawn a harrower, and I suggest this will be a part of the dungeon covetous or Wrong.

Its about time UO seak the ventures of player justice and the rules of feluca. All hail the felucian King!


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    TYVM for the good belly laugh or were you serious.
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    Would cut the scout time in half. 
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    Just to be sure I understand, you want to concentrate all the champspawns into the few dungeons so you don't have to look for lone blues trying to slip in a champ without being raided?

    Just for the record - I mine in lost lands, I fish in lost lands, I occasionally collect bods in lost lands, I hunt terathans and ophidians in lost lands and yes, occasionally if I think I can get away with it, I champ in lost lands.
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    Why does it have to be reds looking for lone blues and not blues looking for reds?
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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    I kinda agree, that at this point it would be nice to condense the landmass so people are more likely to run into other players.

    this probably would never happen, theres no point to taking away land that time was spent on to create.

    What i could see is something to be done with the land, a place for new content, invasions, or new pvm or pvp encounters.  housing as well, if only in a few select locations.

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    I like the Lost Lands. City of the Dead, Titan Valley and northern desert were my favorite places to adventure before Ilshenar was created. Still visit often.
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    I vote no on these ideas.
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    Sable said:
    I vote no on these ideas.
    Me too.
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    All the Sheep aside...  Answer is a huge NO.  

    I for one see many good uses there.. hunting and mining.. the wood on some tree stands is huge. Not to mention my tamers would be super peved at you if you had one blade of grass changed.

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    Hell no.
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    in that case i sugest all spanw go  but one so the lazy reds  do not have   to look to rade...  sigh  no  love lost lands
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    Please don't indulge in thread necromancy.
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