Future of the Kings Meetings and their Purpose

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There seems to be a bit of a misconception on the nature, purpose and procedure of the City Council Meeting on Pacific. In an effort to remedy any questions, concerns and give a general outline of what to expect, as well as what is expected.

#1: Rule Number One, the role of Governor is an In Character position. That means if you are a Governor, you are expected to role play the position and act as you would if your character were Governor.

If the King is harsh with you, flirts with you, or otherwise gets your dander up, it is an In Character thing. The same is for the other Governors, the Governors are Role Playing, if they aren’t, they won’t be Governors for long. Take everything on an In Character level.

If you are NOT a governor, but attend a meeting, it is asked that you remain in character as well, it will add to the overall feeling and flow of the City Council Meeting.

The King will never, ever, ever break Character. What this means is, anything you say to the King is said to the King, and the King will answer, act and respond as King Blackthorn would, and should. If you say something to the King OOC, (Out of Character) at best the King will ignore you.

Your EM is NOT the King. The King is King Blackthorn, it is not your EM.

If you try and assassinate the King, you will be thrown in the moat. If Exodus couldn’t kill Lord Blackthorn, you cannot kill King Blackthorn.

#2: Governors serve at the pleasure of the King both IC and OOC, if you cannot stay in character, constantly cause OOC problems in an IC environment, or fail to do your duty as Governor the King has the ability to replace you and will.

#3: The City Council Meeting is a way for you as a player to interact with the Fiction, Storyline and the community of Pacific in a healthy and productive way. The Governors are known to run events, plot-lines, contests and games, all as part of their position as Governor to bring activity to their city. The King and the EM team will do whatever they can (within the rules) to support the events, plotlines and activity within the cities.

ALL Large (to the King) and small (to the EM team) requests must have a Role Play function or purpose, a great example is the Trade War on Atlantic server they had first season involving several of the cities. Trinsic requested a small distillery for the duration of their plotline, it was granted.

#4: Election Impropriety will be dealt with by the GM/DEV and Support Teams. It will also be dealt with In Character by the King. Any group attempting to disrupt, manipulate or destroy the City Council Meeting will be dealt with severely.

#5: The purpose of the City Council Meeting is not to decorate the towns or place trash cans at the banks. The King is not an interior decorator, nor is he a gardener, or a trash collector.

If you are a Governor and are running a plot-line, shard wide event or something similar, the EM team *MAY* be able to assist or otherwise support you in a few small ways. These requests should be directed at the EM team, not to the King.

If you want a trashcan at your bank, ask Mesanna, not the King. <— Per Mesanna.

#6: If you are not a governor but wish to address the City Council Meeting please speak with the Governor of your represented city and asked to either be called upon or have them bring up the matter themselves.

If you feel your governor is not up to the task, you may of course ask another governor.

#7: If you are called upon by the King to speak at the City Council Meeting, you are asked to keep it 3 min or less, this includes Governors. 3 min x 10 Governors is 30 min, we must all be mindful of time. The Goal is to keep the meetings right at an hour or a little more.

#8: Trade deals, and how towns are governed are the business of the Governor and the Townspeople. But remember, the King is Monarch and as Governor you are an extension of the Crown. If asked to change something (like a curfew) you as Governor must comply, (or work around it).

#9: The Flow of the meetings:

A: The people gather in the Council Chamber.

B: King Blackthorn enters, greets everyone and sits.

C: The Governors take their seats.

D. The King speaks, says anything he needs to say.

E: The King calls each Governor in turn to speak.

F: Each Governor has roughly 3 mins to say what it is they need to say.

G: The King responds, the other Governors may say their piece.

H: At the end, time permitting the King may call on representatives.

I: Also time permitting; the King may call on petitioners who would like to speak to the Council. These people should be gathered in line in front of the table. The best way to get your voice to the King is still through the Governors.

J: The King closes

#10: All Towns are equal in the eyes of the King. Moonglow is a center of education and learning, Trinsic is a stronghold and military powerhouse, Skara Brae feeds the Kingdom… every town is a piece of the success that is Britannia. There is no one city that the King holds above another.

#11: Remember that the Governor system and City Council Meeting is a work in progress and is still a new system, we will all work together to make it enjoyable and productive. Britannia needs a King, the King needs his people, the days of an absent monarch are behind us..

#12: As decreed on March 8 of the year 2020, for a Governors Meeting to be scheduled, the Governors will need to petition the Crown for King Blackthorn to schedule a future meeting. In times past, the Crown scheduled to meet with the Governors of Britannia and the Governors did not show up. From this day forward, a minimum of three Governors will be needed to request an audience with the King. This petition must be submitted to the King (emashmedai@gmail.com) at least a week and three days in advance in order for the King to accept the petition and post the meeting. This is final.

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