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Ok, I was away and probably missed a memo, but I can't seem to raise more than one skill to 120. I have use 5 legendary scrolls but, unless I turn something down, I can't gain a single point, Nomatter how long I try.

Here is my setup, loosely based on a couple of suggested templates in the forums. They are pointed up, I've eaten, am usually in lich form, tho I did try it with and without, in case that had anything to do with it and I have the wisp out.

Inscription 100/100
Magery 100.4/120
Meditation 109.5/120
Necromancy 101.1/120
Poisoning 100/100
Spirit Speak 107.1/120
Tailoring 101.9/120

In order to raise any of these skills beyond what they currently are, I have to turn something down. Meditation was 120 but I had to take points from that to gain on others.I'm wondering now if there's a certain order to the skills or what could be happening here.

I'd appreciate any information and thanks in advance for any help.
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  • RockRock Posts: 567
    To: Our Ultimate Fans
    From: Your Wonderful Developers
    Subject: Skill Cap
    Date: the 2000s

    With the addition of Power Scrolls allowing many skills to reach 120 skill, we have bumped the total skill cap as well.  The sum of all your skills has been advanced from 700 to 720.  This means you can keep your 7x build, but have one go up to Legendary skill at 120!  Or, you can even go crazy, eliminate a skill entirely, and train a character to a 6x build, with 120 in each one!!

    Happy Hunting
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
  • jelinidasjelinidas Posts: 350
    put tailoring on a soulstone.
  • CityKittyCityKitty Posts: 69
    Exactly what I was in need of. Thank you so much! I nearly wore out the search engines trying to sort it all out. Yes, moving tailor is an excellent idea. Again, thank you much!
    "If you ain't the lead dog, the view never changes."
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