IDOC Changes - unarmed barrell combat discussion

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Unarmed damage is the only damage that will break barrels.
Ok so at Felucca IDOCS where there is PVP, basically the only template worth running is a mage with wrestling.  They'll be able to both cast spells on players while they're swinging at barrels and also being able to dodge because they have wrestling.  Any template with a weapon skill will have to put the weapon away leaving themselves completely vulnerable to undodgeable attacks.  Please consider all scenarios with this change.

That's really the only thing I consider unbalanced with these changes.

I would make it so ANY form of damage do 1 damage each hit to the barrel, can't be poisoned or strangled or any other form of damage over time, must to be direct damage.

I like the idea of the minister barking whereabouts of the IDOCs.  More people can get involved which also means less items being destroyed and I think it's a cool change.  Thanks.


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