Broken PvP

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You can't bring in high intensity items like 11+ mod armor and jewels and then take it away because once they're all gone it will break pvp it wont be what it was i highly suggest you bring these items back 
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  • I'd rather they continue with the plan to boost crafting/updating artifacts... Buuut as you can tell from my name I'm super biased.
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    @Bleak @Kyronix ;
    @anyone who cares or can fix this it is important trust me once youre running around in named items and low skill jewels with low mods pvp will not be as diverse as it is or has been 
  • I'd argue the counter, everyone running around with bushi because you can fit it in any temp with crazy skill jewels doesn't hit the diversity definition for me personally.
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    More I want EvE posts
  • Bilbo said:
    More I want EvE posts
    Sure, right now I'm moving my blackops fleet through feythabolis after chasing and fighting with a roaming fraternity gang.  The tickle titans and super carriers are concerning in the area. I'm running low on helium isotopes, so I'm looking to buy a few million if anyone in the region has for sale...

    Wrong EVE? Haha
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    LMAO  EvE  Equipment v Equipment because it aint PvP anymore.  AoS killed PvP
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    equipment makes an advantage in jewels really other than that id wear and imbued suit and kill most people 
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    and the only reason jewels matter is skill increase/template diversity 
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    I like equipment like it is for the most part. I wish armor had 2 special abilities like weapons. . only perhaps 1 active and 1 passive. Example: Chain Mail Tunic 10% damage reduction against Sword weapons (Passive) (3 seconds movement bonus (Active))
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    While I'm happy I have some of the armor I have, I've noticed a definite effect of the downgrade when making new characters.  I do believe it is for the better the way it is.
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