How does Human Jack of all trades actually work

Jack of all Trades

Medallion jack of all tradesgif Humans have a basic ability in all skills, even untrained ones.

Note - As of Publish 64, it no longer contributes towards mana discounts on Special Moves. If players do not have 200 or more modified points in various combat skills (Swordsmanship, Mace Fighting, Fencing, Archery, Throwing, Parry, Lumberjacking, Stealth, Poisoning, Bushido, and Ninjitsu), their special moves will use the full mana cost.

 How does jack of trades actually work. It states + 20 min skill level. Does this give you + 20 say if you train a skill to 30 -50 -80?


  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,620Moderator
    No, it does not stack with trained skills
  • PenNPaperPenNPaper Posts: 97
    Ok thanks, think crafting skills should be bumped to 30 so you can do arrows with fletching and possibly repairs, not sure what the repair requirement is. It just makes sense to make this usable.
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,620Moderator
    Arrows actually have a 0 skill requirement. Repairs should be carried out by a skilled crafter or by using a repair deed created by such. Various creatures such as ratman archers, juka lords, centuars and changelings can also be hunted to replenish arrow stocks.
  • PenNPaperPenNPaper Posts: 97
    Thank you for explaining that.
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