bushido fix

ElvisElvis Posts: 53
edited February 2020 in PvP / VvV
so many good jewels no good cause bushido jewels dont work.  
fix the bug please 
  1. Fix bushido jewels?8 votes
    1. yes
    2. no


  • I'm ok with this
  • hunter11hunter11 Posts: 223
    bushido jewels do work? they just lower nerve strike damage?
  • hunter11hunter11 Posts: 223
    i'd like to know what needs fixed about them?
  • ElvisElvis Posts: 53
    lower nerve strike and lower confidence healing means they dont work
    and tactics jewels add up to 60 tactics but cant do secondary ability
    jewel bugs

  • LobsterLobster Posts: 19
    These are not bugs. Nerve stirke damage formula uses real skill, real skill means skill bonus on items don't work. Tactics requirements for Specials are real skill too, It's always been real skill and they're still real skill after they lowered them to 30/60. So they are working as intended.

    But I agree with the OP. Some spell/ability use real skills and some use modified skills, this is just confusing and makes game mechanics hard to learn and remeber. 

    Skill bonus on items should all work and count for any spell/ability. Modified skills should be used for all the skill checks in game formulas.
  • Or they could just update tooltips and descriptions so it's not a guessing game.  Was balanced with real skill for a reason.
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