Time to remove VvV free murders

Flagging regardless of being in VvV shouldn't stop the normal counting process.  Same with blues not in VvV going orange and avoiding counts.  If you flag someone and they die counts should be able to be given no matter what.  Todays pvp is just sad and stupid because of this, fix it and bring back real pvp not this fake stay blue nonsense.


  • MerusMerus Posts: 656
    I agree that we need some sort of fix for flagging and pardons.

    IMO, pardons should have a timer.  1 per week for standard pardon.  1 per year for royal pardon.

    Murder counts should be based on the characters color prior to flagging.  If you attack a blue you are eligible for a murder count, period.
  • ezikelezikel Posts: 90
    I agree with blues not in VvV going orange and avoiding counts is broken mecanics.the worst part its went you ave a blue attacking a vvv in town and he walk aways without any probleme
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