Poll - lootable or not, Please delete other thread, had some error! TY

EyeEye Posts: 91
I am in the process of finishing up a toon on Siege.
Been PKed a few times while gathering gold. They took ALL the loot I had on me, but were kind enough to leave my crappy armor on my body (My good armor has a little bit of LMC, crappy one is only LRC, ROFL). Thank you. I am sure, not everyone would do the same, especially if the armor was decent. 

I think it would encourage myself and everyone else to wear our best gear, if it was not lootable. I think it would start a bit of a chain reaction, e.g. if i am wearing full luck, or high SDI/DI, better loot, or more loot, etc. 

Anything other than what you are wearing is fair game. 



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