Changing designs on Custom Castles

@Kyronix and @Bleak
Can someone please explain why after I choose 1 design, I have to wait 2 to 3 days to change again?
I choose one and I was not happy with the design and now I have to wait 2 to 3 days to change again??
why is that?
Yesterday started at 83K


  • I'm pretty sure it's only one day.

    Still stupid though.
  • MandrakeMandrake Posts: 61
    edited February 2020
    It is 14, hrs 49 min and 9 sec wait time for u there....

    83k is about 23 hrs...
  • MordredMordred Posts: 102
    yes, this is my point @Bleak and @Kyronix
    Why do we have to wait 24 Hours to change our own castle design??

  • Garth_GreyGarth_Grey Posts: 1,457
    My guess would be server performance and the load it would place on it if everyone could go into customization mode all day long ?
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
  • KirthagKirthag Posts: 541
    I usually go into TC and check out designs before changing them over in the prodo shard.

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