harrassment and luring on asuka

i am sick and tired of gms not responding  to harrassment calls i was on asuka at an idoc waalking stuff ot my house when the player packetloss proceeded to lure crystal elementals repeatedly and kill my characters and packies with everything i had on them, I WANT this player dealt with and quite honestly i think you really need to rollback asuka on my characters to a half hour before server down when this
575747473939 was luring and killing all my packies, you are supposed to treat verbal and physical in game harrassment with the highest priority and yet i had to stand by and watch the player packetloss kill every single oone of my packies on accounts that i pay good money for every single month and i rightfully have the right to play in tram and malas without being harrassed like this. I have played many games and this total ignorance of my repeated harrassment calls is uncalled for. and id appreciate if this doesnt just get deleted and hidden like it usually does

                                                                    With ALL due respect


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