Most Recent Newletter lacking ANY mention of a "new" House and Bank Storage Increase ?

poppspopps Posts: 1,546
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I was sincerely hoping, that, after many players mentioning it over time on the Forums as well as in several Meet the Devs Meetings, and being it, furthermore, a way to bring more Revenues for Ultima Online, that the first Newsletter of 2020 would have brought some reference and mentioning of a NEW House and Bank Storage Increase upgrade, considering that we are still limited to +60% for Houses and a Max of 175 Items for Bank Boxes since many, too MANY Years ago....

I am quite disappointed not to have read any mentioning of this in the most recent Newsletter....

@Mesanna , is there still hope that You will bring to players this much needed and awaited for new House and Storage Upgrade which would also help bring more Revenues to Ultima Online ?
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