Paths of Initiation

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Citizens of Britannia may continue join the Kinship of the Rose, Seers of the Moonstone, the Library of Scars, the Rangers’ Guild, the Order of the Silver Serpent, or the Fellowship. Below is a list of tasks and duties that a person may perform to join each group.

  • To Join at First Rank: To initially join the group, those interested must complete one task from each category for the group they wish to join. Those who completed the previous initiation are already considered this rank.
  • To Achieve Second Rank: Those who wish to achieve the second rank must complete one additional task from each category for the group they are part of.
  • To Achieve Third Rank: Those who wish to achieve the third rank must complete either A) five tasks from three categories or B ) ten tasks from a single category.
  • To Achieve Final Rank: Those who wish to complete the fourth rank must complete ten tasks from each category.

Some activities require the collection of items. Please leave these materials in the Award Hall Mailbox. If you wish any of these items returned, please provide a rune to a house with a mailbox or a book mentioning you will pick them up after an event.

Other activities require completion of a task or objective; for those, please leave a book or email with information related to the task you completed (date, time, etc.). (Screenshots are also good if you wish to provide them.) The eleventh entry in each category is to replace any single item that you do not want to do or cannot do for some reason.

Kinship of the Rose

 “There has to be art in Virtue, and there has to be love.”

The Kinship values Charity, Artistry, and Community.


  1. Novitiate
  2. Acolyte
  3. Monk
  4. Prior/Prioress

 Acts of Charity

  1. Serpent Venom: Collect 20 silver serpent venom to be used by the Kinship to produce Serpentwyne.
  2. Food Drive: Donate enough food (meats, vegetables, and grains) to feed five families for a month.
  3. Storyteller: Tell a story to the children of Paws. Please provide a copy of the story in a book.
  4. Rare Medicines: Make or collect ten different potions and medicines beyond the standard reagent potions. Examples: Compassion Sage, Pepta’s Satiety Cure, Grizelda’s Extra Strength Hangover Cure, Eodon potions, or Fish Pies.
  5. Charity Gala: Hold a charitable event of your choice.
  6. Walk the Road: Walk the roads of Britannia, helping people get where they need to go. Complete ten escort quests and donate the gold to the Kinship’s coffers.
  7. Healer: Heal five different people at events.
  8. Study the Virtues: Complete any four Virtue Quests.
  9. Teacher: Collect materials related to the teaching of skills. Please turn in any five Scrolls of Transcendence, Scrolls of Alacrity, Mastery Primers, or Power Scrolls.
  10. Gardening Supplies: Gather supplies to help grow plants: Collect 100 Fertile Dirt, 10 Greater Poison Potions, 10 Greater Cure Potions, and an Endless Decanter of Water.
  11. Perform another “Act of Charity” of your own choice.

Acts of Artistry

  1. Follow the Muse: Produce a piece of art in the medium of your choice. You may write a story or poem, design a building, or even create a picture inside a bag. (Pictures of out of game art are also acceptable.)
  2. Green Thumb: Grow 5 different flowers and donate to them to the Kinship.
  3. Naturalist: Study nature and record your findings in a book, identifying as many types of a particular animal or monster group as you can find.
  4. Share the Muse: Organize an art-themed event such as a play, art showing, or poetry reading.
  5. Tomes: Either read three (npc) books and write a brief summary of each in a book OR read one book and write a companion volume that expands upon, debates with, or discusses the original work.
  6. Work of the Artisan: Make or commission something that would be useful for another person, such as a weapon, set of armor, spellbook, piece of furniture, etc.
  7. Art Restoration: Recover 8 different paintings, sculptures, or tapestries.
  8. Natural Beauty: Collect a set of locations in a runebook of places of natural beauty or serenity.
  9. Wine Tasting: Acquire 10 different rare liquors or spirits (from a Liquor Smuggler’s Cache, Distillation, or other sources).
  10. Music Box: Prepare a playlist (3 or more songs) around a theme of your choosing and collect the music gears and harpsichord rolls needed. In a book, share the play order and theme of the list.
  11. Perform another “Act of Artistry” of your own choice.

 Acts of Community

  1. Public Event: Hold a public event of your choosing, or help at another’s event.
  2. Community Collections: Pick any of the Community Collections (Britain Library, Vesper Museum, or Moonglow Zoo) and donate items or gold worth 4000 points.
  3. City Loyalty: Be active in your home city, being at least Esteemed and having either purchased or been granted a title by the city governor.
  4. Be a Guest: Attend two different (player) events as a guest.
  5. Small Talk: Talk to three new people and learn something interesting about each.
  6. Pilgrimage: With a friend or family member, visit Shrines for each of the Eight Virtues. At each shrine, teach the other person the mantra for that Virtue.
  7. Civic Responsibility: Attend a governor meeting.
  8. Culture: Perform 8 different quests at Ter Mur’s Museum of Wonders or with the elven crafters of Heartwood.
  9. Diplomacy: Visit 5 non-Britannian settlements (Ter Mur, Zento, Mireg, Mistas, the goblins of the Underworld, etc.) and bring back a souvenir from each.
  10. Gift-giver: Find a gift for an (NPC) acquaintance such as Sherry or one of the Companions (Dupre, Shamino, Jaana, etc.) to thank them for their work for Britannia.
  11. The Public Good: Start a vendor or other public service at a home or building you own. Please provide a rune (or coordinates if on another shard).
  12. Perform another “Act of Community” of your own choice.


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    Seers of the Moonstone

    “Magic is not just about power. It is also a tool to examine the universe.”

    The Seers value Magic, Lore, and Exploration.

    Rites of Magic

    1. Magical Study: Write a book explaining a particular school of magic and interesting ways to use its spells
    2. Wizardly Tome: Craft or otherwise acquire a spellbook that fits your style of magical practice and name it with Spellbook engraving tool. Record the tome’s name, properties, and why you chose the spellbook for yourself in a book for the Seers’ records.
    3. Relic Hunter: Recover an artifact or magical item of interest for addition to the Seers’ collection of magical items.
    4. Trained Observer: Study at least three magical beings (e.g. Meer, Savage Humans, Slasher of Veils). and explain in a book ways in which their use of magic is the same or different from the Britannian, Heartwood, and Ter Mur practices of magic.
    5. Lich Hunter: Defeat a great magical threat (Primeval Lich, Tyball’s Shadow, Dark Father, Slasher of Veils, etc.) and return with a trophy of the kill.
    6. Well Read: Read several (NPC) books on magic (e.g. Dimensional Travel, Talking to Wisps, The Dark Facet, The Shattering, or Treatise on Alchemy) and, in a brief report, pick out a key elements of each text.
    7. Apothecary: Collect ten different rare ingredients, reagents, or animal tissues. Examples: Powder of Translocation, a Red Leaf, Magical Moonfire Brew, Seared Fire Ant Goo, Executioner’s Cap, Tribal Berry, Abscess’ Tail, Gold Dust, Muculent, etc.
    8. Places of Power: Visit and study at various magical places: the Lycaeum, Bedlam, Terort Skitas/Sorcerer’s Dungeon, and the Wisp Dungeon. Buy, borrow, or otherwise acquire a souvenir at each.
    9. Essence of Imbuing: Collect one of each of the imbuing essences, connected with the eight gargoyle virtues and three principles (Direction, Feeling, Persistence, Achievement, Diligence, Balance, Order, Singularity, Control, Passion, and Diligence).
    10. Rite and Ritual: Acquire a symbol of each of the Eodon spirits: Heluzz, Kukuzz, Aphazz, Motazz, and Fabozz.
    11. Practice another “Rite of Magic” of your own choice.

    Rites of Lore

    1. Historian: Write a history of key event that happened on Sosaria.
    2. Artifact Lore: Write about the lore of a particular artifact or magical item. (Feel free to embellish and invent lore if none exists.)
    3. Matching Set: Find a copy of 5 or more (NPC) books with the same binding to donate to the Seer’s library.
    4. Printer: Donate 1000 blank scrolls, 100 beeswax, an exceptional scribe’s pen, an exceptional mapmaker’s pen, and a box to keep the supplies dry.
    5. Librarian: Start a public reading room, book collection or library. Please provide a rune to the museum (or coordinates if on another shard).
    6. Translator: Translate one of these gargish books: Kodeks Benmontas, Kodeks Benommani, Kodeks Destermur, Kodeks Kir, Kodeks Rit, or Kodeks Xen. Alternatively, translate a Britannian book on magic (NPC or player) into gargish (Suggested by Martyna Z’muir).
    7. Surgeon: Collect 10 cores from plague beast lord surgery.
    8. Curator: Either record the inventory of any single room in either Award Hall OR start your own museum collection or full museum. Please provide a rune to the museum (or coordinates if on another shard).
    9. Codebreaker: Come up with a new cipher of your own design.
    10. Lore and Riddles: Organize a trivia event, class, or symposium event.
    11. Practice another “Rite of Lore” of your own choice.

    Rites of Exploration

    1. Treasure Hunter: Complete a treasure map of each level.
    2. Rune Runner: Collect a set of runes around a common theme of your choosing (e.g. magical places, volcanoes, shrines, etc.)
    3. Visitor’s Guide: Write a book on a particular dungeon or other wild region where runes cannot be marked that identifies important geographical locations, local spawn, and other interesting minutiae.
    4. Rock Collection: Gather a collection of Sosarian stones, rocks, and crystals with at least 2 forms of blackrock.
    5. Each and Every Facet: Visit each facet (Trammel, Felucca, Ilshenar, Malas, Tokuno, and Ter Mur) and acquire a souvenir for each that originates on that facet.
    6. Underworld Puzzle: Visit the Underworld’s Experimental Room puzzle and complete it at least once, turning in your reward as proof.
    7. Tour Guide: Organize a tour, dungeon crawl, or other exploration-themed event.
    8. Contraptions of Old: Recover 3 different Kotl devices from Eodon: Automaton head, Automaton Actuator, Power Core, Activator, Regulator, Stator, Power Coil, etc.
    9. The Shortest Path: Without using recall or gate spell or the natural moongate, figure out an efficient path from Papua to Serpent’s Hold to the Ter Mur Royal City. Explain the path in a book
    10. Trivia Fun: Write 10 geography based trivia questions (e.g. Q: What stands in front of the Nujel’m Debtors Prison? A: Guillotine).
    11. Practice another “Rite of Exploration” of your own choice.

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    Library of Scars

    The Library values Warfare, Protection, and Leadership.

    Tactics of Warfare

    1. Pirate Hunter: Kill or capture 3 pirates. Provide proof of the deed.
    2. Scouting: Visit a dungeon of your choice and moving through all levels, recording the number and types of monsters present for a report.
    3. Peerless Warrior: Defeat one of the original Peerless (Dread Horn, Travesty, Chief Paroxysmus, Lady Melisande, Monstrous Interred Grizzle, or Shimmering Effusion) and return with a trophy of the kill.
    4. Arms Bearer: Craft or otherwise acquire a weapon that fits your style of martial practice and give it a name. Record the weapon’s name, properties, and other details in a book for the Library’s records.
    5. Slayer of Champions: Participate in two different Champion Spawns.
    6. Geography of War: Visit two different dungeons and write a report about how each dungeon’s layout would affect combat differently.
    7. Duelist: Using the provided arenas, participate in a duel.
    8. War in Eodon: Travel into the Myrmidex Pits, and after siding with either the Myrmidex or Eodonians, push the opposing side back.
    9. Shadowguard Siege: Complete any two rooms in Shadowguard.
    10. Infiltrator: Complete the Quests to get access to the Stygian Abyss, The Citadel, and the Twisted Weald.
    11. Enemy Captains: (Suggested by Malag’aste Hla’ate) Defeat one of the enemy captains in Blackthorn’s Dungeons and provide the Minax artifact as proof.
    12. Learn another “Tactic of Warfare” of your own choice.

    Tactics of Protection

    1. Void Pool: Defend the Covetous Void Pool for as long as you can. Report your results.
    2. Protecting the Roads: Complete 10 Trade quests and donate the rewards to the Library.
    3. Town Security: Write a security report on a city, explaining its strengths, weaknesses, resources, forces, etc.
    4. Battle Readiness: Donate enough arms and supplies to equip three soldiers for a single shift. Examples: bandages, potions, weapons, armor, etc.
    5. Patrol Fleet: Acquire maps of four different islands with settlements or cities. For each, using pins, plot a patrol circuit around the island that a ship could use to defend each island.
    6. Enemy Movements: Provide three runes or sextant coordinates for suggested scout placement to watch and observe different groups hostile to Britannia (e.g. the orcs, the Juka, the Myrmidex, pirates, etc.).
    7. Defend Thyself: Learn to fight without the trappings of armor by going on a Humility Hunt. Become at least a Follower of Humility.
    8. Warrior’s Carapace: Craft or otherwise acquire a set of armor that fits your style of martial practice. Explain in a book why and what
    9. Hunting and Trapping: Using a hunting permit from the Huntmaster, kill a Najasaurus, Anchisaur, Allosaurus, Dimetrosaur, or Saurosaurus and provide the completed permit.
    10. Dragon Slayer: As dragons are a threat to towns and villages, defeat any legendary dragon (Stygian Dragon, Rikktor, Sudiva, Crimson Dragon) and bring back proof. Alternatively, defeat five different powerful dragons (Ancient Wyrm, Cold Drake, Grim, Greater Dragon, Shadow Wyrm, Skeletal Dragon, Serpentine, Dragon, White Wyrm, Frost Dragon) and bring back proof of the deed.
    11. Learn another “Tactic of Protection” of your own choice.

    Tactics of Leadership

    1. War Leader: Organize a group hunt event.
    2. Minions: Using a Wisp Orb, control a minion to collect 500 Putrid Hearts from Dungeon Despise.
    3. Historical Tactics: Choose a historical event (Siege of Trinsic, Fall of Magincia) and discuss the military tactics used and possibly how you would have deployed forces differently.
    4. Mistakes and Failures: Travel to Dungeon Khaldun and recover 5 different volumes of the journals there.
    5. Report to the Crown: Attend a Governor Meeting and during the “New Issues” portion give a brief report on a recent security situation (e.g. Spy Mission, Guard Mission, or other EM or Player event).
    6. Hatched for Battle: Acquire a Battle Chicken Lizard.
    7. Defender and Guide: Complete 10 escort quests, one of which must be Kodar the Lost Villager in the Palace of Paroxysmus.
    8. Toy Soldiers and Toy Monsters: Collect a set of images of monsters with the help of Elwood McCarrin and Tomas O’Neerlan (The Collector’s Quest). The set must contain any Meer, any Juka, any Undead, and one other type of creature.
    9. Scramble the Fleet: Help maintain the Library of Scars mercenary fleet. Collect a heavy ship cannon deed, all the materials needed to maintain and fire it, and an assortment of ammunition and charges.
    10. Joint Operation: Complete either of these quests: Xeninlor the Security Advisor or Prassel the Security Liason, both found in the basement dungeon (at 152 S’ 40 W’) of the Royal Palace in the Royal City, Ter Mur.
    11. Learn another “Tactic of Leadership” of your own choice.


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    Rangers’ Guild

    The Rangers’ Guild values Life, Nature, and Spirituality.

    Path of the Tree

    1. Nature Walk: Organize a nature walk or hunt through a forest or natural setting of your choice.
    2. Plants of Eodon: Collect a set of interesting plants from Eodon: River Moss, Blue Corn, Lava Berry, and Perfect Bananas.
    3. Travel Guide: Collect a set of locations in a runebook that will guide someone through a quest or direct them through an activity.
    4. Seed Vault: Collect ten different seeds, having at least five different colors, five different plant types, and two that can grow plants that produce resources.  
    5. Green Thorn: Plant a green thorn in at least four different terrains and submit the items discovered.
    6. Stalk the Blight: Journey to the Blighted Grove and collect five trophies from the corrupted animals and plants there.
    7. Walk Softly: Journey into the wilds and collect any seven different resources that can be acquired without killing anything.
    8. Walking Stick: Craft or otherwise acquire a staff or fishing pole with useful defensive or utility properties. Record the item’s name, properties, and other details in a book for the Guild’s records.
    9. Map the Wood: Acquire maps of five different forests or woodlands. For each, using pins, point out any natural hazards or dangers.
    10. Trail Rations: Donate to the Guild five packs filled with food, water, and other supplies for a week-long scouting trip into the wilds.
    11. Perform another “Path of the Tree” of your own choice.

    Path of the Elk

    1. Bird Watching: Read Birds of Britannia by Thoma th’ Heathen and find as many of the the birds as you can. Write down where you saw each in a bird watching journal.
    2. Hunting and Trapping: Hunt and kill three different animals and record the kill using the Guild’s hunting permits, purchased from the Huntmaster.
    3. Bow or Blade: Craft or otherwise acquire a weapon that fits your style of martial practice and give it a name. Record the weapon’s name, properties, and other details in a book for the Guild’s records.
    4. Ant Friend: Speak with the Solen Matriarch and become a friend of her people.
    5. River and Pond: Using an aquarium fishing net or fishing, collect and identify at least ten different types of fish or aquatic life.
    6. Tracker: Study nature and record your findings in a book, identifying as many types of animals as you can in a particular forest or woodland.
    7. The Hunter’s Quest: Perform 5 different nature or hunting themed quests in Heartwood, Sanctuary, Ter Mur, or Ilshenar.
    8. Leatherwork: Gather eight different pelts, hides, skins, or furs from various animals.
    9. Tamer’s Guider: Collect a set of locations in a runebook to animal habitats that would be useful to new or inexperienced tamers.
    10. Outpost: Setup an outpost, hunting lodge, provision vendor or other public service at a home or building you own. Please provide a rune (or coordinates if on another shard).
    11. Perform another “Path of the Elk” of your own choice.

    Path of the Spirit

    1. Places of Spirit: Collect a set of locations in a runebook that are connected to Spirituality or the other Virtues.
    2. Share the Well: With a friend or family member, find a quiet place in the woods and talk with each other about what Spirituality means to you.
    3. United Good: Hold a Virtue-themed event of your choice.
    4. Inner Monologue: Write a book about your own struggles with being a good person. (Can be in-character or out-of-character.)
    5. Virtue Quest: Obtain a set of Virtue armor or complete the eight Virtue quests.
    6. Truth: Acquire an ankh pendant, a runebook with runes to the Britannian Shrines, and a book with the mantras of the Virtues.
    7. Love: Mentor a young or inexperienced person or perform some other act of Compassion.
    8. Courage: As daemons are a threat to all good beings, defeat any legendary daemon (Slasher of Veils, Abyssal Infernal, Abyssmal Horror, Dark Father, Impaler, Semidar, etc.) and bring back proof. Alternatively, defeat five different powerful daemons (Balron, Oni, renowned daemons, etc.) and bring back proof of the deed.
    9. Parallel Paths: Learn about the gargish Virtues by reading the Book of Circles in the Holy City of Ter Mur and figure out which gargish Virtue you most identify with here.
    10. Face Your Fear: Visit six different dungeons and bring back something you find interesting from each.
    11. Perform another “Path of the Spirit” of your own choice.

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    Order of the Silver Serpent

    The Silver Serpent values Honor, Justice, and Chivalry.

    Oath of Honor

    1. Arms for a Squire: Craft or otherwise acquire a weapon that would be appropriate for a novice warrior and give it a name. Record the weapon’s name, properties, and other details in a book for the Order’s records.
    2. Coat of Arms: Learn about Heraldry and determine an appropriate Coat of Arms for a guild, town, city, group, or organization you are also part of. You may use words or pictures to describe the sigil. (Pictures of out of game art are also acceptable.)
    3. War Poem: Write a story or poem about the adventures, battles, or virtuous acts of another warrior you admire.
    4. Contest of Honor: Using the provided arenas, participate in a duel.
    5. Noble Deeds: In a book, describe three great and heroic acts you were part of.
    6. Hall of Heroes: Either record the inventory of the Hall of Heroes in Award Hall OR start your own hall in your home commemorating other heroes of Britannia. Please provide a rune to the museum (or coordinates if on another shard).
    7. For the Fallen Facet: Fight in battles for Felucca (using the Virtue vs Vice system) and earn a reward appropriate for a knight.
    8. Voice for Virtue: When a group (guild, town, Royal Guard, etc.) is faced with a decision or debate, listen to the opinions of others and then share your own thoughts on the most Virtuous path that could be taken. Record the details of this debate in a book. Alternatively, discuss a personal decision you faced where you chose the more Virtuous option.
    9. Trophy for the Serpent: Through battle or conflict, earn an item of some power, importance, or renown (e.g. artifact, power scroll, event reward). Describe the item and its importance in a book for the Order’s records.
    10. Word and Oath: Accept and complete four different quests where you slay a terrible monster for those in need.
    11. Perform another “Oath of Honor” of your own choice.

    Oath of Justice

    1. Knight of the Waves: Capture 3 pirates alive. Provide proof of the deed.
    2. Defender of the Good: Take part in a global event and provide a brief report of the outcome.
    3. Hold the Line: Work with the Royal Guard (during an event) for the greater defense of Britannia. Provide a brief report on the outcome.
    4. Wall against the Darkness: With a force of fellow knights, defeat any legendary daemon (Slasher of Veils, Abyssal Infernal, Abyssmal Horror, Dark Father, Impaler, Semidar, etc.) and bring back proof.
    5. The Sentinel’s Patrol: Collect a set of locations in a runebook of places in Britannia of likely attack that should be regularly patrolled.
    6. Face the Dread: With the help of a good creature you have trained, face Andros the Dread Lord in Dungeon Despise.
    7. Set the Bone: Donate 1000 bandages and 50 healing potions to care for those injured in conflict.
    8. Battle Wisdom: Organize a battle tactics training session, class on strategy, or battle reenactment event.
    9. Stand Opposite: Collect 10 different Artifact magic items from the denizens of Wrong.
    10. Hedge Knight: Complete Trade quests until you have earned the Exporter or above title.
    11. Perform another “Oath of Justice” of your own choice.

    Oath of Chivalry

    1. Against the Wall: With a force of fellow knights, defend the Void Pool on at least two occasions, improving teamwork as you progress.  
    2. Rescue the Prisoner: Enter the Palace of Paroxysmus and rescue the lost villager there.
    3.  For Care of Home: Through donation and other works, earn the “Knight” title or higher in a town you call home.
    4. Wander the Desert: Visit the deserts of at least two lands and spend time dealing with the dangerous monsters there. Bring back proof of your deeds.
    5. Shields for the Defense: Donate enough shields of different styles to be used in the protection of two small settlements.
    6. World Warrior: Travel the facets as a wandering knight, spending at least a day on each and travelling to the most dangerous areas there. Record a journal of your adventures.
    7. Listen and Know: Attend a governor’s meeting and volunteer your knightley services to a governor in need of warriors.
    8. Fealty to a King: Face the denizens of Blackthorn’s dungeons and earn a decorative shard shield or any artifact of your choice.
    9. Redeem the Abomination: Sacrifice your fame and reputation to redeem enough monsters to become a Knight of Sacrifice.
    10. Virtue’s Champion: Become a Knight of  a Virtue (other than Sacrifice) or a Seeker of two different Virtues. This may be completed twice with different Virtues each time.
    11. Shield of the Ally: Help another member of the Order of the Silver Serpent or another group (Library of Scars, Rangers’ Guild, Kinship of the Rose, or Seers of the Moonstone) complete a difficult or dangerous activity related to their Paths of Initiation.
    12. Perform another “Oath of Chivalry” of your own choice.
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    The Fellowship (Infiltration)

     “Strive For Unity. Trust Thy Brother. Worthiness Precedes Reward.”

    Lord Batlin will have his own shifting priorities to come...

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    A reminder these exist...

  • stalrevstalrev Posts: 19
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    Does the ship races i hold, count for community?
    not to mention the fey and archlich i was a Rez and heal station lol

  • EM MalachiEM Malachi Posts: 55Event Moderator
    Ship races and any community aid stations like you mentioned count. Just let me know which groups you are applying for with what activities. Thanks!
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    EM Malachi... above it states "Other activities require completion of a task or objective; for those, please leave a book or email with information related to the task you completed (date, time, etc.). (Screenshots are also good if you wish to provide them.)"

    What email address should we send these task screenshots to?


    Smithy McOrlich
    Baron of Minoc
  • EM MalachiEM Malachi Posts: 55Event Moderator
    My email is just emmalachi at the Gmail.
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