Santa is a Pirate and he is giving away present !

MagichandsMagichands Posts: 139

Howdy Citizens of Siege ! Yes you are not drunk and yes, i'm not drunk ! Santa after Christmas likes enjoy his free time doing the pirate but he didn't lose his good heart ! The only problem is that he likes so much doing that, he got also the habit to drink a lot like pirates so he awakes only now from last hangout and he remembered that he has some presents to give away to all citizens of Siege ! So from tomorrow, for the next weeks, he will announce in General Chat where he is dropping some presents (the time will be always around 2-4PM EST because he is not drunk just for 2 hours each day !). So be ready to visit towns, islands and, for the last part of the give away, to board on your ship and try to find him and his helpers that will be protecting him from any raid (and from mermaid... being a pirate he loves them !)... So keep always General Chat active for his call !
See you all !


  • Ho Ho Ho ! Seems that Santa is giving away many presents to all kids around Siege ! But now presents are near to finish so next Saturday, 8 february at 3PM EST (8PM UK) he decided to get over a ship, with a few helpers, and sailing waiting for kids that will find him and get from his deck all presents left (some pretty presents i have to say !)... So be ready for a sea battle to get him and his presents !!! See you soon !!!
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