TEST SERVER : Is it possible to get a SOULFORGE near Brit Bank for crafting testing ?

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As of now, if one wants to try out some crafting experiment on the Test Server it is necessary to go to the Royal City where the public Soulforge is.

Since a lot of clickies are located at the Commons in Britain, it would be handier to have a Soulforge near Britain's Bank so as to have everything one needs in close proximity.

Can this be done, please ?

Also, the GIVE RESOURCES command does not provide any and all needed Imbuing materials...

I could not find, for example, in the Resources bag, any ESSENCE (of Achievement etc. etc.). WOuld it be possible to set up the command to provide all crafting materials so that testing crafting might be easier ?

Refinements also seem to be missing and, thus, make it not possible to do any testing.

Yes, it is possible to copy a character to the Test Server having those items already but why not make them available on the Test Server by Default ?

It would also come handy to have a permanent Public Gate for transportation near Britain Bank so as to avoid having to walk all the way to the Gate on the Road from Britain to Trinsic when having to do somewhere else...

Thanks !


  • poppspopps Posts: 2,136
    Oh, it would also help greatly when testing crafting, to also have available a full set of Crafting Talismans.... (a "give Talismans" command ?).

    By the way, would it be possible to increase the Items and weight limit for the bank box on est Server ?

    Trying to pick anything in an overloaded Test Server bank box is a pain, everything falls on the ground and gets deleted after a while....

    If the number and weight CAP for the Test Server Bank Box were to be enormousy increased, instead, this would not happen and everything would stay there for later usage....

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