Seers of the Moonstone

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Seers of the Moonstone

“Magic is not just about power. It is also a tool to examine the universe.”

Leader: Council of Magi (Formerly Dr. Owl)
Operations: Underworld Colony
Values: Magic, Lore, and Exploration
Rival: Cult of Runes

Distinguished Magi

  • Fyrgen*, expert on dream walking magics (EM Character)
  • Louvnon*, expert on Magical Creatures. (EM Character)


  • Kittie, known for curation of many magical oddities.
  • maints magic, known for preparing a most potent Caddellite potion.
  • Martyna Z’muir, known for translating the Shattering into gargish.


  • Spoonman, known for keeping a careful notebook of new spells


  • Bits, known for keeping a careful notebook of new spells
  • James McDoulf
  • Jordan, known for writing several interesting tomes on paradox.
  • Peter, known for providing Hawkwind's telescope
  • Watcher


  • Aridas
  • bringEM bk alive
  • Colleen
  • Damia Terra
  • Dimebag
  • Dynamis
  • Frans
  • I’m Not a Pencil
  • Kain
  • Kalenoir
  • Kami
  • Kenya Pierre Pants
  • Kira Rae
  • Klepto
  • Kromwell Farland
  • Laiste
  • Luthian Tinuveil
  • Malag aste
  • Masterblasta
  • Mirt
  • Miss Frenchy
  • Ponce de Leon
  • PrincessMononoke
  • Ronan
  • Rook
  • Shameless
  • Stalrev
  • Stark
  • Starr
  • Stephen King
  • Tiggermcat
  • Zeke Terra
  • Zenkorpf
  • Zora
Junior Augurs
  • Mikan


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    Rites of Magic

    1. Magical Study: Write a book explaining a particular school of magic and interesting ways to use its spells
    2. Wizardly Tome: Craft or otherwise acquire a spellbook that fits your style of magical practice and name it with Spellbook engraving tool. Record the tome’s name, properties, and why you chose the spellbook for yourself in a book for the Seers’ records.
    3. Relic Hunter: Recover an artifact or magical item of interest for addition to the Seers’ collection of magical items.
    4. Trained Observer: Study at least three magical beings (e.g. Meer, Savage Humans, Slasher of Veils). and explain in a book ways in which their use of magic is the same or different from the Britannian, Heartwood, and Ter Mur practices of magic.
    5. Lich Hunter: Defeat a great magical threat (Primeval Lich, Tyball’s Shadow, Dark Father, Slasher of Veils, etc.) and return with a trophy of the kill.
    6. Well Read: Read several (NPC) books on magic (e.g. Dimensional Travel, Talking to Wisps, The Dark Facet, The Shattering, or Treatise on Alchemy) and, in a brief report, pick out a key elements of each text.
    7. Apothecary: Collect ten different rare ingredients, reagents, or animal tissues. Examples: Powder of Translocation, a Red Leaf, Magical Moonfire Brew, Seared Fire Ant Goo, Executioner’s Cap, Tribal Berry, Abscess’ Tail, Gold Dust, Muculent, etc.
    8. Places of Power: Visit and study at various magical places: the Lycaeum, Bedlam, Terort Skitas/Sorcerer’s Dungeon, and the Wisp Dungeon. Buy, borrow, or otherwise acquire a souvenir at each.
    9. Essence of Imbuing: Collect one of each of the imbuing essences, connected with the eight gargoyle virtues and three principles (Direction, Feeling, Persistence, Achievement, Diligence, Balance, Order, Singularity, Control, Passion, and Diligence).
    10. Rite and Ritual: Acquire a symbol of each of the Eodon spirits: Heluzz, Kukuzz, Aphazz, Motazz, and Fabozz.
    11. Practice another “Rite of Magic” of your own choice.

    Rites of Lore

    1. Historian: Write a history of key event that happened on Sosaria.
    2. Artifact Lore: Write about the lore of a particular artifact or magical item. (Feel free to embellish and invent lore if none exists.)
    3. Matching Set: Find a copy of 5 or more (NPC) books with the same binding to donate to the Seer’s library.
    4. Printer: Donate 1000 blank scrolls, 100 beeswax, an exceptional scribe’s pen, an exceptional mapmaker’s pen, and a box to keep the supplies dry.
    5. Librarian: Start a public reading room, book collection or library. Please provide a rune to the museum (or coordinates if on another shard).
    6. Translator: Translate one of these gargish books: Kodeks Benmontas, Kodeks Benommani, Kodeks Destermur, Kodeks Kir, Kodeks Rit, or Kodeks Xen. Alternatively, translate a Britannian book on magic (NPC or player) into gargish (Suggested by Martyna Z’muir).
    7. Surgeon: Collect 10 cores from plague beast lord surgery.
    8. Curator: Either record the inventory of any single room in either Award Hall OR start your own museum collection or full museum. Please provide a rune to the museum (or coordinates if on another shard).
    9. Codebreaker: Come up with a new cipher of your own design.
    10. Lore and Riddles: Organize a trivia event, class, or symposium event.
    11. Practice another “Rite of Lore” of your own choice.

    Rites of Exploration

    1. Treasure Hunter: Complete a treasure map of each level.
    2. Rune Runner: Collect a set of runes around a common theme of your choosing (e.g. magical places, volcanoes, shrines, etc.)
    3. Visitor’s Guide: Write a book on a particular dungeon or other wild region where runes cannot be marked that identifies important geographical locations, local spawn, and other interesting minutiae.
    4. Rock Collection: Gather a collection of Sosarian stones, rocks, and crystals with at least 2 forms of blackrock.
    5. Each and Every Facet: Visit each facet (Trammel, Felucca, Ilshenar, Malas, Tokuno, and Ter Mur) and acquire a souvenir for each that originates on that facet.
    6. Underworld Puzzle: Visit the Underworld’s Experimental Room puzzle and complete it at least once, turning in your reward as proof.
    7. Tour Guide: Organize a tour, dungeon crawl, or other exploration-themed event.
    8. Contraptions of Old: Recover 3 different Kotl devices from Eodon: Automaton head, Automaton Actuator, Power Core, Activator, Regulator, Stator, Power Coil, etc.
    9. The Shortest Path: Without using recall or gate spell or the natural moongate, figure out an efficient path from Papua to Serpent’s Hold to the Ter Mur Royal City. Explain the path in a book
    10. Trivia Fun: Write 10 geography based trivia questions (e.g. Q: What stands in front of the Nujel’m Debtors Prison? A: Guillotine).
    11. Practice another “Rite of Exploration” of your own choice.

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    Citizens of Britannia may continue join the Kinship of the Rose, Seers of the Moonstone, the Library of Scars, the Rangers’ Guild, the Order of the Silver Serpent, or the Fellowship. Below is a list of tasks and duties that a person may perform to join each group.

    • To Join at First Rank: To initially join the group, those interested must complete one task from each category for the group they wish to join. Those who completed the previous initiation are already considered this rank.
    • To Achieve Second Rank: Those who wish to achieve the second rank must complete one additional task from each category for the group they are part of.
    • To Achieve Third Rank: Those who wish to achieve the third rank must complete either A) five tasks from three categories or B ) ten tasks from a single category.
    • To Achieve Final Rank: Those who wish to complete the fourth rank must complete ten tasks from each category.

    Some activities require the collection of items. Please leave these materials in the Award Hall Mailbox. If you wish any of these items returned, please provide a rune to a house with a mailbox or a book mentioning you will pick them up after an event.

    Other activities require completion of a task or objective; for those, please leave a book or email with information related to the task you completed (date, time, etc.). (Screenshots are also good if you wish to provide them.) The eleventh entry in each category is to replace any single item that you do not want to do or cannot do for some reason.

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