Riding Swipe Issue

If you riding swipe someone and kill a pet.... after it rezes you still need to heal it to full to remount it.  That seems like a broken mechanic.  If it dies I would think it shouldn't be under the riding swipe anymore.  Can a dev verify if this is intended?


  • ezikelezikel Posts: 90
    edited January 2020
    i agree ,i talk about that 3 years ago and its worst if you play a tamer.if you get footed by a no dachi and he switch for wakazi its game over.you cant heal the pet fast enough and all the pet get nerfed so hard you cannot push back someone with bushido and parry .but anyways dev are not going to fix anything
  • CovenantXCovenantX Posts: 949
    I agree as well, this is a longstanding issue and should be fixed....  I'd hope it's not intended to be the way it is.

    It pretty much forces you to take the death or play a template with ninjitsu... or of course, abuse the 'statuette' pets to remount.

    I'd like to see a timer on the amount of time you are dismounted after riding swipe without healing your pet, like 10 second dismount timer (twice as long as normal 'dismount' to justify the extra 50 skill points to use Riding Swipe) before you're able to remount a pet regardless of healing it or not.
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