Wow what a pickle!

Ok, well I guess I just wasn't paying attention. Walked into Ter Mur ( think that's it), to the alchemist shop for the glass book and the sand mining one. I know I was sleepy but instead of clicking + I clicked All!!! It cost me everything I had, over 435K. Anyone have any idea what I can do or does anyone need alchemy books at cost? hehe
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  • PawainPawain Posts: 8,796
    I have bought 20 of those when trying to buy the glassblowing pipe.

    You just drop them on the ground. Or put them in a container forever.
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  • If you still need some help, ask for me in GenChat.

  • psychopsycho Posts: 259
    I usually do that when buying trade order goods.
    And the always the items that do not stack :D

    What you could do in your case, if you have a vendor you can sell them there,
    people seem to not know where to buy them and go vendor search instead :)
  • Thanks guys! Yah it was *very* traumatic! The wine fixed it pretty quickly tho. :) Yah I'll set up a vendor I guess. I just don't have the heart to just dump them if there's a chance of getting something back. So....if you need some alch/sand mining books. I'm in Minoc, Pacific shard. Stop by and I'll pour you a cup of coffee and we can chat! In spite of it all, it's still so, so good to be back! Ok, now I'm off to find some kinda railing so my crazy pals stop killing themselves jumping off my balconies. *Sigh* it just never ends....hehe
    "If you ain't the lead dog, the view never changes."
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