PaxLair 22nd Annivsary

The 22nd Anniversary is almost upon us!  

This Anniverary will run from Jan 13th thru Jan 18th.

All events will start by gathering at Tea House in PaxOku.

January 13th Monday
8:30 PM Pitmuck Net Toss - Governor Sweetz of Jhelom.

January 14th Tuesday
8:00 PM - PaxLair Anniversary kickoff speech by Governor Winfield @ PaxLair Mage Tower. (Teleport tile from PaxOku Tea House)
9:00 PMish - Lady Mel - Governor Tehan of Yew.

January 15th Wednesday
9:00PM - Governors Meeting with King Blackthorn.

January 16th Thursday
8:30PM - Bingo - Governor Zoogi of Magincia

January 17th Friday
9:00PM - Chutes & Ladders - Governor Phoenix of Trinsic

January 18th Saturday
6:00 PM - Find the DJ
7:00 PM - Deal or No Deal
9:00 PM - PaxLair Anniversary Black Tie Dinner @ PaxLair Mage Tower. (Teleport tile from PaxOku Tea House)
Open to other events for anyone to add.


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