Treasure Chest - Remove Trap Info (Stash, Supply, Cache)

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Been messing on TC some more with RT. Found the results interesting, so thought I'd share. 

It appears the internal timer on each chest applies to all RT attempts. In other words, if you have 70 RT and start RT at 120 seconds on a Cache, Explosion 1 will occur at 130s, Explosion 2 at 140s, RT will finish -and fail, with another explosion and AG- at 150s. However, with 70 RT starting RT at 151s on a Cache, Explosion 1 at 161s, Explosion 2 at 171s, RT finishes and succeeds (if no AG's present) at 181s. 

It looks to me like there might be a sweet spot with RT skill at 80.0. At least for lower chests. That would allow for 20 skill points to be placed elsewhere in a template.

I can't see any difference between 90.0 RT and 100.0 RT other than a slightly less damaging explosion. 

Haven't had time to go through Hoard/Trove yet. The Explosions with 0 RT on Trove are going to be a nightmare. Think I'll use a 2nd toon to heal/hide the T-hunter.


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    So, I finally got on TC and gathered some data about Hoard Chests. I'll share here so that it is in one forum thread. I will also add this to the t-hunting RT table on UOGuide when the site is editable again.


    RT Skill # of Explosions (10 sec. intervals) Final Explosion (s) RT Completes (s) ~Damage (60 Resist)
    0 9 90 100 80
    10 8 80 90 69
    20 7 70 80 68
    30 6 60 70 65
    40 5 50 60 57
    50 4 40 50 53
    60 3 30 40 52
    70 2 20 30 51
    80 1 10 20 40
    90 1 Minimum if 1st RT completes before
    0 if 1st RT completes after
    420 10 39
    100 420 10 38

    I have also now personally completed a Trove chest with 0 RT. Ouch! Nine explosions at an average damage of 88 per exp (60 Resist). When/if I get complete Trove info, I'll post it here as well.
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    Very interesting stuff.  Thanks for the extensive analysis!
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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    After my subconscious chewed on this a while, it occurred to me you did not mention the race of the tester.  If he is human, he has 20 RT skill via Jack of All Trades even when the skill gump reports 0.
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
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    All posted data is from a human character. However, I have tested a bit with an elf and the results are almost identical. 

    1. Humans/Elves both have 9 explosions at 0 RT, 8 explosions at 10 RT, etc. Thus, the explosion cycles appear to be determined by real Remove Trap skill. No JOAT bonus.  

    2. Neither race nor RT skill appear to affect the chest timers. Timers appear to be internal to the type of chest.

    3. Damage numbers per explosion are similar between the human/elf characters. My suits weren't exactly the same, but both had ~60 Fire Resist. Therefore there does not seem to be any human JOAT RT bonus lessening the damage per explosion. To determine this definitively would take data for 100's of explosions, which I'm just not going to collect.

    Everyone has the RT data I've posted for a human. If someone is using an elf/garg hunter with <=20 RT and you are seeing markedly different damage per explosion numbers, or different RT mechanics overall, feel free to let the community know!
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