Event - The Road Ahead - January 7th to 13th

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To the Royal Spies,

Tonight, you will be asked to gather intelligence important to Britannian Security. This mission will have two parts.

In the first part, you will speak with Batlin, Leader of the Fellowship. He can often be found in East Britain. You will continue your work to infiltrate the higher circles of the organization. You may need to break the law to retain the Fellowship's trust, but rest assured that your work will help bring down the organization. Make sure to record in your book: names of people you speak with and anything Batlin offers to teach you.

In the second part, you will speak with Easton, the King's secretary, at Castle Blackthorn. He will know why you are there. Easton will send you to search for information the King needs. Make sure to record this information in your book: names of people you speak with and anything that Dr. Owl tells you that seems important.

Those who complete the tasks related to Batlin will join the ranks of the Fellowship infiltrators. Those who complete both tasks will also earn credit for training, which will help them rise through the ranks of the Royal Spies.

When you are finished, please leave your book in the Award Hall mailbox. This event will be available all week.

---Magnus Grey


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    This event is active now and will be available until Monday, January 13th, at 11:59 p.m. You can begin it at any time by using the above information from Minister Grey.

    Blank books are available at the provisioner's shop. You can complete the quest by turning in your completed book at the Award Hall. The Award Hall is accessible through the gate outside the Britain Counselor Hall. Or, you can send your book text to King Blackthorn's secretaries (EMMalachi@gmail.com and EMElizabella@gmail.com).

    Advice: If an oracle isn't responding to you, trying standing closer to them. Sometimes oracles respond to items rather than words. Easton can be difficult to find, but remember that there's more than one staircase in this castle. Stay alert because some of the people you will speak with are heavily guarded.

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