Mysterious owned by OSI strikes again

I see the mysterious owned by OSI early fall bug strikes again, this time to a keep on sonoma that had about 2000 dollars worth of UO items in it, and go figure only two people were around when it fell, and now currently most of the items that were in that keep are for sale in their online web store.....


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    theres no bug, if its owned by osi a gm has to come in and manually drop the house.  if a gm doesnt drop it, it just continues to cycle thru the phases.  thats always been what ive experienced with osi houses anyway.

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    GM does not have authority to drop it, Mesanna does.  And yes, I saw a house on Atlantic fairly worn, that idoc guy was there with pack animals alone, and surprise surprise it fell that day,  NOT full cycle, and another OSI on Atlantic this week, no idoc guy waiting early and it fell on time. 

    As always no way in hell that was an accident. Mesanna is in on it, somehow there is a cozy little connection there
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    cough *kickbacks* ?
    would also explain why those same ppl have 15 accts or more all script looting and never get in trouble but yet the idiot casting magery in some remote location gets suspended or banned.
    oh well on a positive note there was something I really wanted in there, the fact that it didnt get to be a fair challenge to get said item was enough for me to close my 5 xtra accounts down today and reduce my account number to just 2, I am also going to clean up my houses and drop them as well

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    This thread is trollish and disrespectful. Hearsay, rumors and innuendo are not going to fly on these forums. This thread is closed.
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