Charybdis Hunt - Keeping the waters of Vesper Safe

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The lands of Britannia are in chaos

The Shrines despite our diligent efforts.  Corrupted.

Trade between towns disrupted due to Krampus and his minions.

The mythical sea beast Charybdis has even launched an attack on the city of Vesper.

It seems no where in Britannia is safe.

Join the citizens of Vesper as we track down and hunt the mythical Charybdis in attempt to keep sea routes and fisherman safe.

All are welcome to help keep Britannia waters safe.

Boats will depart Vesper dock Sunday at 8:30 pm eastern.  

*   *   *   *

all Charybdis specific drops (aka the fisherman drops) will be rolled on by all who attend ]

[ High Seas Expansion Required ]

*   *   *   *

[ This event is sponsored by the Governor of Vesper and The Sacrificial Lambs-CAH ]

[ All events sponsored by the Governor of Vesper and the The Sacrificial Lambs
 can also be found at ]


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    The Governor of Vesper successfully lead a nautical mission against the mythical beast Charybdis.  We managed to slay the beast three times. 

    The brave souls that volunteered came back with fish to feed their families and souvenirs of their adventures.  We even managed to find a hungry coconut crab to bring back for one lucky adventurer. 

    We will be going again this Sunday, December 29th at 8:30 eastern.  
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    Another successful evening of keeping Charybdis out of Vesper waters.  We fended off two attacks and had no casualties.    

    A big thank you to all the defenders who came out this evening.

    Lord Cork walked away with a Leurocian's Mempo and Lord Rav was the lucky winner of the Elegant Collar Recipe.

    See you all next sunday!
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    Another successful night of defending the seas.  See everyone next week at 8:30 eastern
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    The waters off Vesper were once again defended from attack.  Thanks to everyone who showed up.  

    Congrats to Luthar on his new Dagger Belt recipe and Creedence on his gargoyle necklace thingie.
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    Another successful night defending the seas against Charybdis this past Sunday. Charybdis had saved up his strength on Sunday hitting us with all he had, but he was dispatched without any loss of life on our end.  See everyone this coming Sunday, 8:30 pm eastern.
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    The last two weeks has had Charybdis hiding in fear, the moment he has shown himself, he was immediately dispatched back to the depths of where he originated from. 

    Charybdis every sunday at 8:30 pm Eastern
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