Late Night Krampus Watch

While the majority of the realm citizens sleep, the force of Krampus run rampant through the night.

The Citizens of Vesper and Minoc are looking for hardy citizens who can take up the fight of keeping trade routes safe in the late night hours while the rest of citizens of Britannia sleep.

Please join us in running trade missions in search of Krampus between the hours of Midnight eastern and 3 am Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (December 22, 23 and 24th)

[All City of Vesper sponsored events are put on the in game town cryer and the guild website]


  • VioletViolet Posts: 368
    We have just received word that the Governor and citizens of the fair city of Jhelom have offered to volunteer their time and assistance in this.
  • VioletViolet Posts: 368
    edited December 2019
    The first night of our Krampus nightwatch was a success.  We were able to dispatch Krampus in Nidaros, outside of Minoc and in the mountains outside of Britain.  Many thanks to the Governors of Jhelom and Minoc for rallying their citizens and to all the other nightowls that joined us.

    Earlier in the evening the Governor Amurdad of Minoc rallied townfolks to the Compassion shrine to battle the invading armies and Governor Bellerophon of Jhelom rallied citizens to push back the invaders at Valor.  

    It was a productive evening in keeping Britannia safe.
  • VioletViolet Posts: 368
    Second night of Krampus watch was another success.  Krampus was dispatched from the Town of Nidaros and his attack on Minoc was thwarted.   The Governor of Minoc once again rallied his townfolks.

    The Vesper lead Nights Watch will be making our rounds again tonight.  We hope to see you there.
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