What is the issues with Broadsword/Stratics?

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I thought they didn't like there were all sort of gold sellers on Stratics.

But now looking at the rares forum it looks like there are only gold sellers left now!

Sad state of UO. But an pretty obvious eye opener what corrupt game UO has become..

I doubt there will be an official response though..
Just a troll who got told by lesser trolls (moderator classification)


  • FeigrFeigr Posts: 492
    Expecting a response to this flaming/troll other than "Thanks for feedback." is the epitome of narcissism. 

    What proof do you have that the users in the trade forums are gold sellers though? To UO as far as I know, everyone who posts here is just a person with an active UO account.
  • PapaSmurfPapaSmurf Posts: 112
    Yea, throw in some proof before you call out anyone, might help your case a bit  :|

  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,021Moderator
    You have made a lot of assumptions here, none of which have any basis in fact. I think it is time you stopped your campaign of groundless allegations of corruption.
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