Holiday Elf - You did not qualify for a reward

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@Kyronix   On Pacific I had 19 characters contribute the same amount of BODs with the same amount of bankable points to the Holiday Elf in Britain but 6 of the characters got the message "You did not qualify for a reward" .  Since the tree was at stage 4 shouldn't every character get a reward?  Not that I am complaining.  Just want clarification incase I need to reduce the number of characters contributing to improve the odds of the remaining characters getting a reward.


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    The Tree has to have a star to get a Guaranteed gift.  If no star put a gift on for each toon, its random.

    If the tree had a star you will get gift.  I got 23 off Great Lakes. One guy forgot to drop his BOD off.
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    @Mariah if this is true could you update the wiki to include this 5th stage? The tree on Pacific was in stage 4.

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