Does anyone remember how to get inside this room?

See title. It's the 3rd level of the Wisp dungeon. If you use Circle of Transparency you can see a hidden stone door from the central room into that small room, but it can't be opened by double clicking it.

I thought I remembered you needed to double click a hidden switch somewhere, but I can't for the life of me remember where that switch was located.

Does anyone know / remember how to enter it?


  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,221

    I glanced at it. That whole dungeon was full of surprises that have probably been cut out or bugged to not work over time. Once you had to speak something to the red wisp for access to something. That other room with the stepping blocks was a total nightmare.

    But, regular wisps up top give decent gold for a new character and the dark wisps give good loot for vet players.

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